Why SEO is Super Important for a Local Small Business

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Why SEO is Super Important for a Local Small Business

I've worked with a lot of small businesses in the past and noticed the majority of them aren't thinking of SEO when it comes to generating traffic for their websites.  Most of the companies I talk with think that SEO is for generating global traffic, not local traffic, which isn't true, and their eyes open rather wide when I sit them down and explain everything.

SEO is important for all businesses, big and small, and everyone should be doing it.  Think about it, if your competitor is doing SEO and you're not then you're going to lose the majority of search engine traffic, and they'll be much more successful.  It doesn't have to be like that if you start your SEO journey today, and here's what to think of when getting into it.

Your Competitors Probably Aren't Doing it.
When you're a local small business, you probably don't have much competition within 25 miles of your location.  This means your competitors probably aren't doing any SEO and your industry is ripe for the picking!

Start your SEO campaigns by working with a credible agency or freelancer and get your rankings boosted gradually.  Since you're doing local SEO and your competitors likely aren't doing anything, you won't have to wait 6+ months for results.  Instead, you might see top rankings within 3-4 weeks lol.

You Can Brand Your Business Better as you do SEO
SEO can be powerful when it comes to branding and pulling in traffic gradually.  Think about it. How often do you see top companies mentioned on random websites?  They're branding themselves as well as building their backlink profile, which is what you'll want to think about as well.

The better you brand your website while doing SEO, the easier it will be for people to find you online, and that means more money in your pocket when you start to rank better.  Think about it; almost everyone will search online before purchasing to see if you're legitimate.  They will come across dozens of articles about your company and how amazing it is and make a purchase solely because of the content and links you were placing lol.

Your Referrals Will Increase
As your local traffic increases, so will your referrals, and this is because people love local stores and businesses.  They love them so much that they will likely check-in, tag a friend, and share your URL if they have a pleasant experience at your location.  This is why you need to treat everyone exceptionally well and try to keep them as happy as possible because you never know who your next spokesperson is lol.

Referral traffic is better than any advertising you could pay for because they already trust you slightly based on a friend or family members share/review.  They're coming to your website or walking into your store because someone they trust told them about you and they were ready to spend money before they ever arrived at your doors.

Do it for the Profits! (duh)
SEO is more of an investment than an instant profit machine because it takes time for the search engines to assess your popularity and put you on the first page.  If you're not doing SEO, you likely won't rank, and that means less money in your pocket because people searching for products or services you offer will buy from the listings on the first page.

When doing SEO, you need to understand that people who want to spend money likely don't go to the second page of search results.  They will pick from the top few listings and think "If they're listed here, they must be the best!" and that's why getting top rankings is so profitable Why SEO is Super Important for a Local Small Business

Final Thoughts,
Local SEO is a big thing in today's world, and a lot of companies are getting into it because they're starting to see the potential.  About ten years ago, it was tough to sell businesses local SEO because it wasn't a big thing, and no one thought they needed it.  Now if you're doing it, you're still ahead of the curve, but you might have one or two competitors if you're in a popular niche/industry.  Just because there's some competition doesn't mean you should avoid it, you should embrace it and become the top results, and you will be glad you started now instead of letting your competitors hold the top spot and get all the sales!

Thanks for reading Why SEO is Super Important for a Local Small Business

- Tommy


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