Things You Can Outsource Today

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Things You Can Outsource Today

Outsourcing signifies contracting out a business process to a third party. The third-party could be an individual a firm or an organization that will do a specific job for your firm in exchange for payment.  This can also sometimes be referred to as using a private or white label service.

 Things You Can Outsource Today

Companies especially like to outsource in areas where they have a shortage of staff or skills but want to cut down on expenditures. So instead of employing permanent staff to do the job, they outsource when there is a need to get the job done. The internet has opened the world to both domestic and international sourcing. Today it is possible to outsource online and get a person from just about anywhere to complete your work and deliver it online once completed.

Here are some ideas

Website design and creation: Today, you can outsource the services of experts to help create and design a perfect website without having to employ. There are many online sights that at a cost will help you come up with the site you need for your firm.


Advertising and marketing: Many small businesses could outsource the services of a virtual marketer and advertiser for some time. This would be a person with the expertise you need to help your business have an online presence and to be known.


Website editorial content and blogs: You do not have to struggle to create articles and content for your website. You can easily outsource online and get the services of experts.


Buying goods and services online: Trying to purchase products and services online can at times be very taxing considering the accounts you will need to create as well as having to deal with the buyers or sellers.  But, outsourcing the services offered of experts ensures you get quality goods and quality services without "re going to have to" sweat it out.


Profiling friends and followers on social media: It would be ideal to outsource the services of experts when trying to research on your followers and friends on social media. Trying to do it yourself is likely to take a lot of time and resources, but the experts know their way around such problems.


Payroll services: Instead of creating a payroll system, which would entail hiring an accountant, you could outsource the services offered online. This will help ensure that employees are paid on time and accurately. It will likewise save you from doing computations.


Management of social networking sites: If you are too busy to be always on your social networking sites, then you could get the services of a virtual deputy to help keep your page active and ranking.


Customer service: You could outsource customer service by having an online expert in place to always answer to complains, comments, and investigations. This gives you time to do other things.


Transcription services: You can outsource the services of a transcriber from any site in the nations of the world just by post your jobs on the internet. These could include recorded class mentions, memos, or articles.


Order processing: If you are running an online business, you could be having so many orders coming in haphazardly that it would be wise to outsource the services offered of an expert to help with the ordering processing. This will ensure the products get delivered on time and in an orderly manner.


Outsourcing is ideal for an online business that does not have space. It makes it easier to have your work done from anywhere and delivered to you digitally.  What are your thoughts on outsourcing?  What types of services do you outsource through SEO Clerks?


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Hey NinjaSalesGroup,

Great writeup Things You Can Outsource Today

As for your questions...

What are your thoughts on outsourcing?
I love outsourcing because it allows a single person to essentially have an entire team of web designers, SEO specialists, PPC managers, programmers, designers, etc. at their disposal. I ran a large SEO service and started to outsource a lot of the work when I had a kid because I wanted to spend time with him. Sure, I made less money but the stress of handling all the work was lifted because I now had a massive team doing everything for me lol.

The one downside is that you have to vet a lot of the people you're outsourcing to because you will likely find a lot of bad services if you're trying to save money while doing this. I wasn't too worried about the profits, so I didn't run into too many bad service providers, but I still had some that I had to cut ties with because of sloppy work.

What types of services do you outsource through SEO Clerks?
Literally, everything now unless I want to get my hands dirty lol. I have an SEO website, logo design site, web design site, and a few others that are primarily run by outsourced help. I get an order, purchase from a freelancer that I've been using for a while, and send the completed work to the client when it's finished. I even have some freelancers that log into my systems and send the work directly to the client themselves and handle all the communications because they know I'm going to consistently send them work lol Things You Can Outsource Today

The power of a freelancer is immense when you think about it. You could be a single person show but seem like a fortune 500 company if you have the right freelancers to outsource work to. You can find amazing designers and programmers for much cheaper overseas than what I can find in my own town, which saves me money when it comes to hiring, and I'm able to offer my own services at a cheaper rate with brings in more clients that stick around forever because no one can compete with "my" level of quality and pricing Things You Can Outsource Today

I wouldn't be able to run my agency, or any of my websites if I wasn't able to outsource to freelancers that white labeled their services. If I were stuck doing this all myself, or hiring a full-time team in my area to do it, I would be overworked and broke because there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything and the price for a programmer here is $60,000+ per year. Hiring a good SEO specialist, Programmer, Designer, etc. would be at least $200,000 a year, and that's more than I make through all of my websites combined lol Things You Can Outsource Today

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Great information. Thanks for the post, ninjasalesgroup!

To be honest, I have been working with software development outsourcing for almost 5 years. I found a great company and I am very pleased with our work.

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