How to get a job

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How to get a job


I'm created account seoclerks in last week but i did't get any work from this. I don't know is there procedure incomplete ,if any one know please help me.


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Hey there, Anasanchu

Thanks for joining the marketplace and offering your services to people that need them How to get a job

There are a few things that can help you increase your sales here, which are;

1. Offer multiple services
I see you're offering an SEO/backlink service, which is great, and I would suggest you branch out a bit and target SEO services, specific backlink services like web2.0s and profile backlinks, and various other types of backlinking services you can provide.

By doing this you will be able to get more eyes on your services and possibly pull in more sales.

2. Interlink all of your services
I know you only have one service for now, but when you add more, you should link to them all within the bottom of your service description. Something like "Looking for something else? Here are my other services!" and then have short titles explaining the services as well as the price for each. You don't have to link to all of your services, maybe just your top sellers or highest profitable ones, which will become even better since they're getting more traffic.

By doing this you can funnel traffic to your services and keep people browsing things you offer instead of losing them to someone else.

3. Bump your services daily
You can bump your services for free here as long as you do certain things. You can complete an order to get a free bump, participate within the community discussions area for a free bump, and various other things. A free bump will get your service(s) listed at the top of its category so it can gain more views and likely get an extra sale or two. If you bump strategically, you can get more views from specific countries, and that means bigger fish will potentially purchase from you.

4. Advertise your services
You can purchase a featured spot within your category or on the homepage. The homepage feature tends to be pretty expensive and only the top sellers get them, but the category feature is less competitive and cheaper as well. Go for the category feature and get your service stuck to the top of your category for 31 days. You will likely get some sales this way, enough to cover the cost of the featured payment and more, which is why a lot of people love it.

5. Rewrite your service description
I looked over your service description and it only had a couple of sentences. Your competitors have long descriptions with images, reviews, testimonials, samples, etc. and they are getting more sales because they took their time writing up their service descriptions.

Take your time with this and continuously tweak it so the description looks better day by day. You'll get more sales if your descriptions look great, like a piece of art, and that's because it will be easier to engage with. Think about it, would you purchase from someone that said "My service is great!" or would you purchase from someone that said 700+ words about their service and had images as well as stats to prove their work? You'd buy from the person that was a sure thing and not take a chance on the service which was lacking a description.

People will look at a service and judge it based on how it looks, not always what it says, which is why you need to think about rewriting what you currently have.

6. Increase your user level
Not many people will take a chance purchasing from a level 1 account because they aren't sure how serious you are about the whole process. I know, it sucks, but that's how things work How to get a job

***Side Note***
Page Rank (PR) isn't really a thing anymore so you might want to edit that out of your service description. People who study up on what they want to purchase will know that DA is the new hot thing to search for since PR was discontinued a while back.

I hope that helps How to get a job

- Tommy

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