SEO Class - Commit to your customers' rankings or refund their payments

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SEO Class - Commit to your customers' rankings or refund their payments

Many people offer guarantees when doing SEO, but that's not the best thing to do if a customer isn't happy.  You should think about refunding their purchase if you can't produce results since you're the professional.  Many SEO agencies will give a "Guarantee" when it comes to ranking keywords, but the fine print usually says something along the lines of "If we can move your keywords upward in the search engines, the guarantee has been fulfilled, and no refund is possible."  This is called a loophole since the agency knows how to do keyword research and can target a keyword that is easy to move upward in Google, and it takes less than a couple weeks to do so.

Rankings are a big factor when it comes to gaining traffic, but if the keywords you're ranking for aren't getting any searches, what's the point?  In this discussion, I'll be talking to all of you SEO service providers and telling you how you should run your business or services.  You may not like it, but the people who think "This is great!" will be the ones taking money out of your pocket because they're getting all the customers lol

Always bust your butt on their rankings
If someone pays you for something, then you should be working as hard as possible to fulfill it.  If I buy a candy bar at the gas station, then I expect to have a delicious treat when I get home.  If I open it up, and it's a note that says, "Don't eat candy!" I'm going to want my money back.  The same goes for SEO, and you should be giving people what they paid for, and that means you need to boost their rankings!

Explaining to customers that SEO might take 2-3 months to see positive results is probably the hardest part of our jobs, but we can do it.  All you have to do is say "Google analyzes everything for months before they start to move websites up the rankings" and go into detail about that, so your customers understand.

If you're not eating, breathing, and bleeding to boost your customers' rankings, then there is no point of you offering SEO services in the first place.

Treat their website like it was your own
If you're looking at a clients website and thinking, "Lets test this out!  It's not like my own rankings will get hit!" then you should stop selling SEO services immediately.  The sellers who value their customers and treat their websites with care are the ones who will be successful in the long run.  The service providers who think of quick boosts to rankings and never worrying about it after the reports are sent are the people who are hurting this industry and if that's you then you should be ashamed of yourself.

If you act like the website is your own, you will treat it better, think before placing a link and monitor everything to make sure your work is doing what it's supposed to.  If not, the rankings will tank and you're just in it for a quick buck.

Do actual keyword research
Just do the work and be sure you're targeting the right keywords so people can see traffic coming in when they get ranked.  It's not difficult, use Ahrefs or Adwords to get traffic volumes and difficulties then move on from there.

Not doing keyword research may result in you targeting extremely difficult phrases and wasting your clients' money because they aren't getting any traffic.  You could get lucky with some long-tailed keywords ranking after a few weeks, but those don't usually bring in massive amounts of traffic, so just do the research.

Write dozens of articles for them
If you're truly an SEO professional, then you know content is king and Google loves it.  You will want to produce content for your clients, maybe 1 article a day that is 2,000+ words long, and you will have an easier time ranking their websites after a month or two.

Think about it, you can have 60+ articles/tutorials/guides on a clients website within 2 months and start getting them massive amounts of traffic if you pair that up with off page SEO just right.  They will love you, stick with you like a wart, and keep paying you for years if you produce traffic for them.

Refund their payment if you can't produce results!
GIVE THEIR MONEY BACK IF YOU DON'T DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO!!!  I can't express this enough, you need to have some sort of honor and bow your head if you fail, then refund their money and move on.  Some SEO companies even have a little strategy to keep customers with them if they fail to boost rankings.  They will say something like "If we don't boost your rankings within 60 days, you stop paying until we do!" and that pleases a lot of customers because they know the work will continue and they don't have to pay until results are obtained.

Positive results that is!

Final thoughts,
If you run an SEO company or sell SEO services online, then you need to do it with some sort of honor and companssion.  If you don't, you will get negative reviews, and we all know that's a business killer.  Do the work, research everything, treat a customers website like it was your own, and refund them if you don't produce something profitable for them.

Thanks for reading SEO Class - Commit to your customers

- Tommy


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Hi, TommyCarey.

I am Enjoy your Tips in SEO Marketing, now I know what is SEO.
I Will Waiting for your next amazing tips, Especially in How to attract more Customer With Just Design And Editing Service.

Thank You.

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Previously, I have read certain articles which you have written. Your articles are too good and here I found you have a good view on seo services also. It is deeply written truth of services which all freelancers or seo companies are offering. I have some experience in keywords targeting. In my experience for one ecommerce website. I have created many backlinks from high authority source and done everything by following white hat link building process. I finally brought the website in first position of the google search which one keyword but within 15 days again rank decreased to 20th position.

One of the major issue was that website didn't have regular updates. It was not for any client but for my own. As a seo professional i cannot believe anyone who provide rank 1 position in $5-25. I am surprised when they faced high competitive keywords , how they deal with that!

Your articles is really inspiring to all who like to start or run their career as a freelancer.

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Hey Sahupurna,

Thanks for the kind words SEO Class - Commit to your customers

I try to use my writing to help out as many freelancers as I possibly can because I never had help when I started and I think I would be much further along in my career if I did SEO Class - Commit to your customers If I can help one person with their website, sales, rankings, etc. then I think I've done a good job SEO Class - Commit to your customers

As for your website, you likely got a jump in rankings due to new backlinks and eventually settled down to your normal position, which is what happens to everyone. This is called the "Google Dance" and it happens because of the influx in links aimed at your website which triggers Google to figure out where you should land in the rankings. This is why your website bounces a bit and settles after a week or so. Keep building high quality links, adding content regularly, and you should notice your rankings begin to rise and be pretty stable SEO Class - Commit to your customers

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