Top 5 Blogging Mistakes Most Businesses Make

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Top 5 Blogging Mistakes Most Businesses Make

We all know what a blog is, but did you know businesses tend to make five crucial mistakes on them?  Some of these are pretty obvious while others may get you rethinking your actions.  Don't worry, if you've done anything on this list it's easily fixable so don't start freaking out lol.

It doesn't matter if you're a big business making millions of dollars each year or a startup that has million-dollar dreams, everyone needs a blog to pull in traffic and help brand their site.  Not having a blog on a website is like removing your phone number from the yellow pages, it just doesn't work right if someone finds your business.  Sure, you could make a great deal of money and not have a blog on your business website, but imagine what you could be pulling in if you regularly posted quality content to a blog that was optimized?  Have you started thinking about adding a blog yet?

Well, here are the top five blogging mistakes most businesses make
(in no particular order)

Your business doesn't have a blog
You'd be amazed at how many big company sites I come across that don't even have a blog!  It's like they designed their websites in 1997 and never looked back at it.  Blogging wasn't a big deal 15+ years ago to most companies since the internet was still new. Sites were ranking for "Payday Loans" by building 1,000,000+ backlinks overnight, and now that would kill your website.  The internet wasn't as advanced as it is today and older companies that are still successful could have been doing so much more if they just added a blog to their website and regularly updated it.

Your blog isn't optimized
Anyone can add content to their blog, but not everyone can optimize it well enough, so it pleases both the readers as well as the search engines.  Most people who attempt to optimize their content, without knowing how to do it, will think they're pleasing Google but they're angering the search engine gods by stuffing 800+ keywords into one article lol.

If you're one of these business owners who isn't optimizing your content or it's over-optimized, I highly suggest you talk with someone here to help you out, so you benefit from your blog.

Your blog isn't capturing any emails
Many blog owners may have posts regularly coming out like clockwork, but a lot of them aren't trying to capture emails, and that makes me sad.  You won't build your list overnight and make millions from it, but you can gradually grow it and send out weekly newsletters to everyone that double opted-in so you know for sure they wanted to hear from you.

It takes an average of 6 emails going out before someone makes a purchase decision, so don't be upset if your click-throughs and sales aren't great with your first batch of newsletters going out.

Your blog isn't enticing people
Many business owners that have blogs aren't enticing people to come to check them out or even sign up for their newsletters. Merely offering free advice to people is good enough to keep them coming back for more every day, week, or a few times a year. 

Write engaging content that would help YOU out, and your community will love it.  Think of the problems people are facing and solve them within a few blog posts.  Optimize your posts for the issues you're addressing, and you will likely rank well in low to medium niches rather quickly.  This means you're helping people for free and getting plenty of traffic because you're so lovely!

Your blog doesn't show your "Story."
Tell people who you are and how you go to where you are today!  Your readers want to get a view of who you are and get a glimpse of what the inside of your business looks like.  You can do this on a dedicated page or write a few story-related blog posts that have images of your employees, coworkers, or the offices you run.   Show people who you are and they will build a relationship with you quicker than you think Top 5 Blogging Mistakes Most Businesses Make

Final Thoughts,
Adding a blog to your business site isn't a difficult thing to do.  You can use Wordpress and get it running today, add content tomorrow, and advertise it on social media platforms to start gaining traction.  You can take it a step further and set up PPC campaigns on Adwords and Bing Ads to bring even more people in and they will likely sign up for your newsletter. 

Thanks for reading Top 5 Blogging Mistakes Most Businesses Make

- Tommy


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