How to properly monetize your Wordpress blog

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How to properly monetize your Wordpress blog

Everyone who tries to monetize their blog may think of slapping some ads on there and striking it rich, but it doesn't work like that.  You need to know precisely what you're doing and where to place the ads to get the best return possible.  Monetizing a Wordpress Blog tends to be easier than others because they're relatively easy to work with.  You don't need any coding or programming knowledge since there are various plugins that can help you out, and you will likely get help from any theme designers if you do run into a problem.

Below are some things to look over when you are trying to monetize your Wordpress blog.

Ad Placement
A lot of people will start their monetization efforts by placing ads right in front of people as soon as they land on your website.  This isn't a bad thing to do, but it could look tacky when someone falls on your website, and they see a wall of ads.  Not only will it look tacky, but your click-through rates might also skyrocket and that's not always a good thing if your account isn't well established.

Try using a heatmapping service or find a free one online.  This will generate an image that will show you where people tend to look on your website, which is where their mouse is hovering across the screen.  The premium heatmapping services will give you the best idea of how this works because you can install a small script to follow people around your website and that will help generate a report after you get a certain number of visits.

If you know your heatmaps, you know exactly where people tend to look on your website, and that means you know where to put your ads when monetizing How to properly monetize your Wordpress blog

Ad Services
There are various types of services out there, but I'll cover two of the main ones I know of that are the tops for their models.  You have ad stips that show dynamic ads based on the content of your website, and you have static banner advertising that will show a select amount of banners (determined by you) to everyone that lands on your pages.

- Adsense Strips
As you likely know, Adsense is owned by Google, and they're pretty awesome.  You add the strip of code to your website, where ever you want really, and you get paid whenever someone clicks on your ads.  If you already know your heatmaps, then you can place these ads in the hot spots and get better results.

- BuySellAds Banners
This is more of something you'll either make money from or not at all depending on your industry, amount of traffic you get each month, and how much you're charging.  This is a different type of advertising because you determine how much you want to get paid for the ad spots.  If you aim too high, you won't get any sales, and if you aim too low, you might sell out everything but not profit much.  You need to work on this to find the sweet spot and profit How to properly monetize your Wordpress blog

Don't Blend Your Ads
One bit problem with new bloggers trying to monetize their pages is they alter the styles of their website and ads, so they blend perfectly with the content on the pages.  You don't want to do this because it's more deceiving for your readers and it will not be taken lightly by any company allowing you to use their monetization services. 

You need to clearly state that the section below/above is a set of ads.  You don't need to say "HERE ARE MY ADS!" but you should have something that says "Sponsored" so people know those links are to different websites.

Wordpress Plugins
There are various plugins to help you with SEO and optimization, but there are also plugins that help you with monetization.  You can do a quick search through the Wordpress Plugin Library for "Adsense Plugin" or "Monetization Plugin" and see how many things pop up. 

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of plugins to sift through and test out.  Try going with the one that offers impressive free services and doesn't require you to use a premium version to get everything shown just right no your website.  A lot of 3rd party plugins will be premium, and that means they will likely be better, but there are some out there that will still be able to get your Adsense code on your pages quickly and you won't have to dish out any money How to properly monetize your Wordpress blog

Final Thoughts,
Monetizing your Wordpress blog isn't the easiest thing to do because there are still some rules you have to follow.  You can't try to funnel people to your ads, but if you know where visitors tend to look, you can put your ads there and get a better click-through rating.  Try a mixture of Adsense as well as BuySellAds banners to see which will bring in the most cash.  There are plenty of websites out there that use both services, and they seem to do pretty well How to properly monetize your Wordpress blog

Thank you for reading How to properly monetize your Wordpress blog

- Tommy


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