Why your business needs a blog to be as successful as possible

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Why your business needs a blog to be as successful as possible

If you were to go through a lot of successful companies that are 10+ years old, you would notice that some of them might not have a blog.  Some of these companies may have a blog, but it's outdated, underused, and not helping the company at all.  If you plan to be a big successful company today, then you'll need to set up a blog to do various things that will benefit you in the long run.

Blogs aren't just for your news or posting about your products; they're for writing engaging content that will rank well in the search engines and filter traffic to your pages. Below I'll go over a few reasons why you need a blog to be as successful as possible.

The Obvious SEO Factor
It's no secret that a blog will help you get pages ranked for specific keywords within the search engines.  If you do your SEO just right and build your authority, you will get new blog posts ranked quickly and start getting a lot more traffic than you could afford if you were running PPC campaigns.

Traffic acquired through SEO is always free since the search engines are ranking you due to various factors they like about you. 

Customers Engagement
Getting traffic from the search engines is good but engaging with people within your niche is excellent.  Your blog can pull people in, get them to comment, and you can keep a conversation going with them for days or even weeks at a time.

These people will likely come back, keep talking with you, building up your pages, and possibly refer others to your blog posts or service pages.

Email Marketing
Blogging is a great way to capture emails, and if you aren't already doing it, then you should set something up through MailChimp or Constant Contact to get started.

You can create months of newsletters in advance and have them sent out once a week to everyone who has subscribed.  All you have to do is add a little capture form saying "Would you like free advice, info, and discounts?  Sign up for our newsletter!" and the people who are interested won't hesitate Why your business needs a blog to be as successful as possible

Branding Through Blogging
You can build your brand easily the longer you blog about things within your industry.  You can keep the traffic coming in, compile it over time, and become the hub of information within your niche if you keep at it.

Think about the smaller niches where companies have dedicated bloggers.  They are killing it with branding because their content is everywhere along with a logo attached to the content.  People will begin to think of your business when they think of the industry you're in, and they will come directly to you when they need something.

Final Thoughts,
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the reasons you need a blog for your website, but they're some of the best ones.  Build traffic through SEO, Engage with customers, build your email list, and brand your site along the way.  It's not difficult to do, and you should start today.  One thing to remember, write content for your visitors and not the search engines.  Write content you would want to read, and your visitors will love it, then the search engines will follow Why your business needs a blog to be as successful as possible

Thanks for reading Why your business needs a blog to be as successful as possible

- Tommy


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