How many services i can create ?

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How many services i can create ?

Hi Seoclerks,

I am guest posts seller since may 2015. I am now level 3 seller and i created 40 services. 

I want to ask that how many services maximum can create for sale ?



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Hey there,

I haven't heard of anyone hitting a maximum amount of services yet, so you should be able to keep creating unique services as long as they're not super similar to what you're already selling.

Something that I would not do is sell 1,000 backlinks in one service, 999 backlinks in another service, 998 backlinks in a 3rd service, etc. This is just going to get your services deleted most likely and you might get a ban if you keep doing it. Run a legitimate business, post unique services, and I'm sure everything will be fine How many services i can create ?

You can look through a lot of the top sellers here, especially the ones who sell social stuff and see they offer various unique services for their customers. They will offer a dozen services within the same area like SoundCloud listens, and each package will be different from the next. You can do 1,000 views, 5,000 views, 10,000 views, etc. but you don't want to offer services that are so similar in what a user would get and have the exact same price for them all because you'd just be taking advantage of the system, and that's frowned upon.

Have you come across a limitation on your account where you can't post more than a certain amount of services?

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Maximum How many I can create services ?

I'm level 3 seller.

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I don't think there is a maximum. I think you might be limited on how many you can create each day, but there's no cap on how many you can create in total.

I know for level 1 users they can only create 1 service per day, which is set that way so people can't flood the marketplace with stuff that isn't of high quality. People need to build up their accounts in order to take full advantage of the features, like how you did and now you're level 3 How many services i can create ?

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