Buyer and Sellers funds are different ?

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Buyer and Sellers funds are different ?

Hey i'm just wondering is Buyer funds are different i mean if i deposit for some service and i don't like it or something else will i'm able to withdraw deposited money with my earnings.

and what you guys think about 2 types of funds, There should be such option ?


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What you're saying sounds a lot like money laundering and that's why it's not an option lol.

Think about it, someone can deposit a ton of money into their account, let it sit there, edit their information, and withdraw it to a different account later on down the road. They could sell drugs or be a gun runner, upload their money into the ionicware system, then withdraw at a later date to a clean account that is linked to a seller here lol Buyer and Sellers funds are different ?

I don't think this is a very good idea and that's probably why the system is set up like this.

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