A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

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A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

Whenever I'm looking for a new side gig or something to do in my part-time to bring in some cash, I will always revert to my resume website and see if it needs some editing.  I usually use this website to find additional writing gigs for companies that are paying for a few articles a month, so the site tends to be specific to article writing, which is what I like doing and know how to find plenty of clients.

Setting up a resume website has made it much easier to land jobs because people can go over my website, without having to sift through an actual resume, and they can get all the information they need.  I've been using this technique for a while, so I know it works well in the digital niche, so I would hope you try it out whenever you're looking to do something for a digital company.

Step 1: Find the right theme
I love using Wordpress because I'm not a good programmer, I'm horrible at it, but Wordpress and Themeforest allow me to look amazing online because I can buy a theme/design and upload it to my hosting lol.

I can't tell you what resume theme to purchase, but you'll want to keep it simple, so people know what they're viewing.  Have a distinct menu, have a blog with some writing samples (especially if you're trying to get a writing job), and treat this resume website like it's your moneymaker because it will help bring in a lot of work if done right.

Here you can find a list of resume/vcard themes on ThemeForest:

Sift through these, figure out which is the best for you, and make a purchase.  You can usually find the HTML version of these as well, which are cheaper, but I don't like to do that because I'd rather drag and drop to design than code something lol.

Step 2: Find the right hosting
You won't need anything crazy like a dedicated server for this since you're not going to generate a massive amount of traffic.  The only people who will be viewing your website are the ones who are looking to hire you and yourself because you'll think it's so pretty!

I would suggest Namecheap because they have a plan that is $15 a year right now and $30 every year after that.  You'd pay a maximum of $2.50 per month to host your resume website, which isn't a bad deal at all.

You likely wouldn't need anything more than that, so let's move on A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

Step 3:  Upload, Optimize, Add Content, and make sure your site works
This is the obvious step because you can't do anything without uploading and working on your website, so I won't get into too much detail here since it's pretty obvious.

- Add your logo
- Add your resume if you have one
- Add a nice profile picture
- Add blog content
- Add a contact page
- Optimize all the pages
- Move on to step 4 lol.

Step 4:  Start reaching out to your desired employers
If you're a content writer like myself, you'll want to reach out to more prominent websites within the niche you're most comfortable with and start a conversation about their blog.  If they respond, you can talk to them about working with them and then drop a link to your resume website.  They will likely click through, read everything on your website, and contact you back if they are interested in bringing you on board.

You can usually see links in the footer of a website like "We're Hiring" or "Careers" so be sure to click on them and take a look to see what positions you could fill with your skills.  If there isn't anything there for what you're best at, don't be afraid to ask, and you will be surprised at how often someone may respond with "We're not hiring for that position right now but do you mind if I contact you later if a spot opens up?" and the answer to that should always be "Yes, thank you!" and now you move onto the next website to contact.

You can also look through job boards, upwork, freelancer, etc. to see where you could bid on jobs and drop a link to your resume website but be careful because some of the more significant platforms might ban you if you share a link. 

Step 5: Never take down your website
I pay for the entire year of hosting up front, so I'm sure my site is available for anyone to browse.  I was surprised when I got an email to my inbox from a company I applied to 6 months prior and they were interested in having me write some content for them.  If I hadn't been paying for the hosting, my website would have been taken down, and I would have never gotten that side gig that paid my rent for a few months lol.

It's tempting to save a few bucks by taking the website down, but you're getting rid of all your hard work and putting it within a file on your computer to upload later when you want another resume website.  Keep the site live, and you'd be amazed at how often you can link to it when you see someone ask "Does anyone know where I can find someone to do (insert service here)."  I've found plenty of work within Facebook groups because I can comment my link and they contact me directly lol A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

In conclusion,
The more work you put into your resume website, the more likely you'll get a response back to your emails going to potential employers, and that means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.  You need to keep at it as well as be patient because some of these side gigs will take a month or longer to respond, which is why your website should stay live as long as possible.  Keep adding content, talking with potential employers, and always put your link out there when possible to bring people in and have them hire you.  Who knows, you could even turn this into a service and brand your name in the long run, so people pay you top dollar for your work A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

Thanks for reading A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

- Tommy


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Once again you have excelled I am sure this will help many
Kind Regards
Steve Simmonds

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You're welcome A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

I'm glad you liked what I've written above A resume website for a digital position will help you stand out.

- Tommy

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