5 reasons you should still be using Facebook Ads in 2019

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5 reasons you should still be using Facebook Ads in 2019

There's always a controversy about advertising online, usually about Facebook and Adwords, but it's usually because people mess something up and lose their budget to the massive amount of untargeted clicks that come in.  Instead, you should be focusing on Facebook ads and getting pretty targeted, so you know who will be clicking and increasing the chances of them signing up for your newsletter, buying a product, or contacting you with some questions.

The more targeted you get with your advertising, especially on Facebook, the more likely you'll succeed in a shorter amount of time while not wasting your ad budget.

In this discussion, I'll be going over five reasons you should still be using Facebook ads in 2019.

Facebook Ads can get you in front of a vast audience rather quickly
I'm sure you know how many people are on Facebook, well, it's billions!  This means there are vast interests, personalities, titles, etc. to target with your ads.  You can see how easily this can get messed up if you don't sit down and think about how you want your ads to be set up.
Your ads tend to get approved within 24 hours, sometimes a little longer, and they will go back into review if you edit certain features of them.  This means you could get a beautiful ad generated and approved by tomorrow that will bring in sales almost immediately after going live.  Now, most people will want to look up your business before purchasing, and I hope you have some good reviews out there, but this is just human nature so don't worry if the sales don't come in right away lol.

The targeting for Facebook Ads is amazing
One thing that is pretty great about Facebook advertising is their advanced targeting.  You can target people who like one thing, live in a specific area, and tend to buy online more often.  I mean, if you could put an ad in front of someone that already likes your stuff and tends to buy online, would you?  Well, that's what you can do with Facebook ads!

There has been some controversy about this in the past because people think you're spying on them when you're just re-targeting them by using the Facebook pixel.  What you will do is set up a facebook ad, get some clicks, and then a secondary ad using the facebook pixel will show to people who have visited your website.  You can show them discount codes, show them specific products they were viewing, or just put your logo in front of them and say you miss them lol.

The facebook database is virtually unlimited
Like I mentioned before, there are billions of people on Facebook, and that means their database is practically limitless.  With hundreds of thousands of new sign-ups each week, you likely won't run out of potential customers to target, and that's why Facebook ads can be so powerful.

Someone could get annoyed of your ads, choose to never purchase from you, and it wouldn't matter because there is always a new flood of registered users coming in that you could target and turn into a sale.

You have an excellent chance of hitting your target market
There are some colossal ad networks out there serving billions of views each day, and they're nowhere near as close to what Facebook can do for you.  Facebook can get you in front of your target market for as little as $0.01, and other networks sometimes ask for a $500 or more deposit to activate your account.

Facebook is so vast and profitable that it allows anyone to have access to their advertising platform as long as you haven't been caught doing fraudulent transactions through their platform in the past.  You could invest $1 and get your ads up tomorrow, or you could spend hundreds to activate your account on another platform lol.

It's very easy for people to get in touch with you
Since you're advertising on Facebook, you can also set it up so people can use Facebook messenger to contact you right away.  If someone has a Facebook account, they have access to Facebook messenger, and that means they have a direct line to you whenever they want. 

Not many people today like filling out a contact form and waiting for an email to come to their inbox.  This is why ticket systems are losing out to live chat and why messenger is a great way to keep in touch with potential customers.  If you can keep your response times low, keep people happy, and always provide an excellent service, then you will tend to be successful.  Pair all of this up with Facebook ads and people who want to buy from you can ask some questions right away and make a purchase based on what you say in 10 seconds 5 reasons you should still be using Facebook Ads in 2019

In the end, Facebook ads are a game-changer when it comes to online advertising, but it can be pretty intimidating if you don't know what you're doing.  I would highly suggest learning the platform before you open the flood gates on your advertising.  This way you will understand how everything works, your campaign will mature over time, and when you're ready you can increase your daily ad spend and boost your bid to get super targeted people to your website or page 5 reasons you should still be using Facebook Ads in 2019

Thanks for reading 5 reasons you should still be using Facebook Ads in 2019

- Tommy


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