Digital Nomads - What you'll need to be successful

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Digital Nomads - What you'll need to be successful

The dream of a digital marketer is to become a digital nomad that roams the world and works from white sandy beaches while sipping on a margarita.  Well, that's not the case for 99.99% of us who sit in our basements working on our websites in hopes of making an extra dollar today lol.

Don't worry, you can become a digital nomad, but you likely won't be sipping drinks on a beach anytime soon, or ever.  You will, however, be able to go wherever you want, within reason of course, and work as long as you have a wifi connection!

**NOTE: Most beaches don't have wifi...

Below are a few things that you'll need before you can ever think about being a digital nomad, and they are.

A steady income stream
Yes, you need to have a steady income stream before becoming a digital nomad.  Most people think "I can make money while traveling!" but you will need to have been making money already before you can start traveling.

You thought you could leave your house and make money?  That's not how this works!  You need to build a stable stream of income through digital services like content writing, logo design, SEO, or some management service that allows you to work from home.  If you can develop a stable work at home job, you'll be able to become a digital nomad Digital Nomads - What you

You'll need to be tech-savvy (duh)
If you want to travel and work at the same time, you'll have to be some tech-savvy.  You won't always have people with you who can fix your laptop or computer, and you won't always have access to a repair shop.  Think of your laptop as something you need to survive, and that means you need to know how to fix it.

You won't always have to do major things like swap out a motherboard, but you will need to know some programs that will defrag, clean up your drives, and you will need a good anti-virus program, so you don't brick your SSD while traveling.

Your website(s) with a good design
If you don't have a website, don't try to be a digital nomad just yet, because you won't be able to have people contact you when you're out of cell range.  A website is up and running 24 hours a day usually and can be a place where your clients, and potential clients, to contact you when they need something worked on.

If you don't have a website and rely on people calling or texting you directly you're going to lose a lot of sales, and that's not something we're trying to do, right?

So, set up a website that works well for your skills and be sure it has a nice logo on it.  Remember, your logo is like the first wave of business cards you throw at a potential customer.  If it looks bad, the visitor might leave, so get a nice one designed here and be done with it lol.  The design of your site should look nice, flow well, and be fast, so people don't get annoyed. 

Do this with your website, and you should be fine Digital Nomads - What you

A blog on the website(s)
Your blog will be the main place where you post content.  Since you're traveling all of the time, you will have plenty of alone time, and this means you can publish content to your blog more than most people.

Remember, content is king, and you will always want it to be high quality if it's on your website Digital Nomads - What you

Publish 1 article a day, or more, if you want to have the best chances of ranking on top for your desired terms.  You'll need to do SEO on your pages, but that's not what we're here to talk about really, so learn some SEO tricks and be sure to keep your website moving up the rankings!

A hotspot generator or free wifi
One way you can sit on a beach and work is if you have some hotspot generator that allows you to have internet.  You can hardwire your laptop to this device or connect remotely; it doesn't matter as long as you can connect!

Most cellphones can do this, within reason, so you may need to get an actual hotspot generator that will connect to satellites and allow you to connect.  These aren't the cheapest things since most people don't need them, but if you want to work on a beach, you will want to have one of these little guys, so you're always connected.

In the end, becoming a digital nomad means you need to do a lot of things before you ever think of leaving your home.  Set up a stable income source, have a website with a blog, and always be connected to wifi if possible.  If you can do this, you can be a nomad, but don't strive to do this because you could potentially hurt your revenue streams.  Focus on making money and living life, not necessarily traveling and working, and you will be able to do whatever you want in the long run Digital Nomads - What you

Thanks for reading Digital Nomads - What you

- Tommy


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