8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

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8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

A lot of people are starting to set up businesses on Amazon but don't really know what they're doing.  You can't just list a product, get a sale, and continue the process unless you're one of the lucky few who accidentally cracked the code of how to do everything and you didn't even try.

Amazon is responsible for making plenty of people rich over the years through sales and repeat customers.  You can be one of these people if you know what you're doing, but if you're like most of us you probably don't know much about Amazon other than they have millions of products to browse through and you get 1-2 day shipping as a prime member lol.

Below are 8 things you should focus on if you want to boost your Amazon business.

Analyze all of your data
You need to analyze absolutely everything from who is purchasing your products to when they are purchasing and why they did it.  Understand who your audience is by analyzing the data coming in and you can target them even better later on and make more money.

Roughly 1 in 500 people get lucky and put up a listing that sells very well, but that's not something you should hope for.  If you get down to it, analyze the data coming in, you can likely be one of those people with your next listing if everything goes well.

Research your competitors
Every smart business out there has researched the competition to see what they're doing well and how they're bringing in sales.  I've done it, you've likely done it, and most of the people reading this have probably done it for our own websites but not many people think to do this for their Amazon listings!

It's not that difficult, you just look for something similar to the item you're listing and see how the top sellers are talking about it.  See what their titles are saying, what their descriptions go over, what type of images they're using, etc.  Do this and you can get an idea of what sort of effort you have to put into each listing if you want to be successful with your Amazon business.

Check your keywords and update if needed
You may think that a set of keywords you're targeting is the best for your product, but you could be wrong.  Actually, a lot of people are targeting the wrong keywords because they want to show up for what is getting the most sales.  Instead, target something like a long-tailed keyword and be sure to get listed for it. 

Think of Amazon like a search engine, the more relevant you are for a specific keyword, the more likely you'll show up for it and make a sale.  By targeting less-trafficked keywords with your products on Amazon you're actually showing your item to more people since it will happen sooner.  After you're getting the sales coming in, reviews flowing, and you're gaining traction with your product you can start to throw in those difficult keywords and bring in even more sales 8 ways to help boost your Amazon business 

Remember, Amazon will show the products with more sales rather than something that was just listed 8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

Use attention-grabbing photos
This might take some time if you have to make the images yourself, but it's worth it.  If you're using images that look like they were designed in MS paint then you're not going to do very well unless you're selling an ebook called "How to use MS paint" lol 8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

Use high quality images that depict your product and you will likely be seen in a better light by anyone that comes across your listing.

Use attention-grabbing titles
This is a BIG one because it is what people will likely click through at first glance.  Your image is going to catch their attention but your titles will get them to click through!

If you can get them to click through then you've won half of the batter already, now get them to sell with the descriptions and lower pricing of your products 8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

Use bullet points when possible
You'd be amazed at how powerful a few bullet points can be.  If you use them just right within the descriptions of your products you will give people a mental break and they will keep reading through everything.

Put some crucial information about your product within these bullet points to get the most out of them.

Let your potential customers know you're the right choice
Don't be afraid to toot your own horn because you think you're the best.  People need to understand right away if you're the right person to buy from, so you need to tell them exactly this! 

Don't be too blunt about it because you could scare them off.  Instead, talk about how you've done X,XXX sales across the world with all of the high quality products throughout your years in business and the users will understand you're not a one-time listing.  You don't have to be super accurate with this, just make it sound good and they buyer will follow along lol 8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

Constantly test your pricing
You'd be amazed at how often people don't check the pricing of their listings and just assume something isn't selling well anymore because the interest has faded.  In reality, your competitors could have undercut you by $0.01 and now they're getting the majority of the sales.  Yes, it's that cutthroat on Amazon that if someone out prices you by a penny you'll lose sales lol.

Now, if you've gathered a bunch of reviews from previous customers then you might not see a big drop in sales, but people all over the world love saving money and they will likely go with the cheaper option even if it has no reviews 8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

In the end, running an Amazon business isn't the easiest thing to do because there are a lot of moving gears when it comes to listings and sales.  You need to constantly analyze all the data and make sure your listings are getting the attention they deserve.  Remember to check your pricing all of the time so you hit a sweet spot and be sure to watch for those pop-up listings that will undercut you to take your sales.  Tell everyone you're great and carry yourself as a professional if you want to make a decent amount of money on Amazon 8 ways to help boost your Amazon business

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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