How to quit your day job flipping products on your eCommerce store

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How to quit your day job flipping products on your eCommerce store

If you've done any selling online in the past, then you may have flipped products to make a profit.  You roll the dice on something you found for cheap, sell it for 2x or 3x what you paid, and hope someone buys it from you in a short amount of time. 

Times have changed, and you can now use apps to scan a bar code of an item to see how much it's selling on eBay or Amazon.  You can determine if it's a good purchase for you if you can profit from listing it online, and roughly how long it will take you to flip the item to make a few dollars.

You won't get rich doing this unless you're out scanning for 12 hours a day and have enough money to buy everything that has potential, so don't complain if you do this method for an hour and don't profit much lol.

Find the right apps
If you do a quick search for "Barcode Scanning App" or "eBay Pricing App" or even "Amazon Pricing App" you will come across a lot of options that mainly do the same thing.

What you want is something that allows you to scan a barcode to see how much it's selling for on Amazon and eBay so you can determine if it's worth flipping for yourself.

Here are a few apps that do just this:

1. What's It Worth On eBay -
2. Compare Prices On Amazon and eBay -

1. What's It Worth On eBay -
2. Profit Bandit -
3. Scout IQ -

Using the apps above will allow you to scan items, see what they're listed for on eBay and Amazon, and determine if they're worth flipping.

Find the products
Finding products isn't the most challenging thing to do in the world because I'm sure you've seen plenty of clearance racks with stuff marked down 50% or more.  Go over to those racks, open your app(s), and start scanning!

You'd be amazed at what pops up and how much people are currently paying for them on Amazon and eBay How to quit your day job flipping products on your eCommerce store

You may need to be a little picky because you'll have to factor in that not every piece you purchase will sell online.  Only buy what you can afford to lose, so you're not hurting if the sales don't start to roll in.

List the products below average pricing
A quick way to flip is to list your products for below the average pricing you see them selling for.  A shirt you just bought for $5 could be selling for $15, but that doesn't mean you list it for $15, you should list it for $10 or $12 and increase the chances of it selling quickly.

You're flipping items here, not selling houses, so don't expect to make thousands a day from this.  Think about it, would you rather list something for $15 and it not sell or list something for $10 and profit $5 right now?  99% of people will go with the option that puts money in their pocket!

Brand your business and website
You should always have a website even if you're flipping on Amazon and eBay.  You can build your traffic organically through SEO and funnel people to your stores.  This is just another way to boost your sales and increase the likelihood of your items selling online.

It's not a big deal if you don't have a website, but they're always nice to put up so you can start to brand yourself as the deal finder in your area or country if possible!

Build a social following
Social media today is everything, and you won't be able to build a stable income without it.  Sure, you could make a lot of money online without a social presence, but as soon as you stop marketing your goods, the money will stop flowing.

With a social media platform and a lot of followers, you can post your items to the page and watch the likes, shares, and comments pile up.  You can be a sort of Hub for people looking for deals on Amazon and eBay.  They will like your page, follow your posts, and snag something you listed as soon as they see your post about it.  Build your following to a large enough scale, and you can take custom requests and never worry about your items selling!

In the end,
This isn't some "get rich quick" scheme, this method does take a decent amount of time and effort before you're able to pay some bills, but it does work!  College kids, stay at home moms, and even retired grandparents are starting to get into this because the startup fee is almost nothing.  You need to front the money to buy the merchandise, pay for a website if you want one, and that's about it!  Everything else is profit, and you get to be out of the house and never talk to a boss lol.

Thanks for reading How to quit your day job flipping products on your eCommerce store

- Tommy


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