How to choose the right Dropshipping niche for you

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How to choose the right Dropshipping niche for you

Whenever you're looking up "How to make money online" you'll likely come across someone pitching a drop shipping service.  I got into dropshipping back in 2005 and didn't really know what I was doing when it came to online marketing, but now I do, and that's why this discussion is getting started.

When I was young and green, I thought, "I can make money selling electronics!" but I was wrong, and I didn't make more than five sales while spending $300+ on adwords.  I didn't know my niche, keywords, market, pricing, etc.  I was all over the place, but today I know what I'm doing and make a bit of income drop shipping in specific niches (which will not be talked about lol).

However, I will tell you a few key things that I've learned, which can help you get started with dropshipping, and they may not be what you're thinking.

Go with what you love
When I started, I was dropshipping all sorts of electronics, but I didn't love it, and that's one of the reasons I failed.  I couldn't talk in detail with potential customers about the product they were looking to purchase, and that's one of the main reasons they never purchased.

If you were to go with a niche that you're passionate about you will likely be able to talk to anyone who comes into your website and asks a question.  With live chat systems readily available, things like, you will get questions right to your phone or computer, and there isn't much time to respond before the person leaves your website.  If you have to look up an answer, you will take too long, and you will lose that potential sale.

Now, if you're already passionate about your niche, you will likely be able to answer most questions that come in, and you won't have to research much.  Even if you do have to research something, you can give the person loads of information and then research it while they're reading/typing.  You can get answers to their future questions and keep them on the line while they browse your website and make a sale How to choose the right Dropshipping niche for you

Be knowledgable about the niche
Like I mentioned above, you need to know what you're talking about when it comes to your niche.  When I started I didn't know much about C.B. radios, but I was selling them, and I happened to lose many sales when people would email in asking about them.  I would take too long to respond, lose the sale, and spend more money to bring people back in.

If you're knowledgeable about your niche, it will show, and the buyers will know you're someone they should purchase from.  If you're not 1,000% sure you know everything about your niche, you should research it in your downtime, that way you know all the answers to potential questions that may come in.

Know the right keywords
This is a BIG one!  If you aren't targeting the right keywords, the keywords people are searching for; you won't make a lot of sales.  You need to know what people are searching for, then rank your website for these keywords, and know everything there possibly is to know about them.

If you can do that, you'll make a sale, and you may keep that person coming back.  Remember, people coming in from the search engines are more likely to purchase than someone else because they are already searching for what you're selling.

Know where to get the products
If you're unaware of how dropshipping works, you'll need to source products from somewhere, and my personal choice is AliExpress.  I like to pair up my AliExpress binge searching with the AliDropship plugin so I can import all the products, info, and images listed, so I don't have to do much on my website besides a few content tweaks and my products are ready to go! Lol How to choose the right Dropshipping niche for you

AliExpress is like a Chinese Amazon.  They have a massive inventory, sold by thousands of vendors, and they tend to be very cheap compared to anything you can find in the store.  You may even see some products on there that you've purchased in the past, and now you know where to find them again at 75% off lol How to choose the right Dropshipping niche for you

In conclusion, dropshipping isn't the easiest thing to do if you're trying to make money online, but it can be very profitable if you hit the right niches and love everything about them.  Be very responsive with anyone that has questions and try to give more info and suggestions than they're asking for.  Use AliExpress and pair it up with AliDropship, and you will be able to save countless hours of work uploading and configuring your store to sell to the masses.  Now go make some money with zero inventory lol How to choose the right Dropshipping niche for you

Thanks for reading How to choose the right Dropshipping niche for you

- Tommy


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