Look for a Mentor and stop asking for handouts

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Look for a Mentor and stop asking for handouts

When people look for a mentor online, they sometimes are looking for an easy path to riches, and that means they'll be asking for a lot of handouts.  You should never do this if you take your business seriously because it's a sad way to generate profits.  There are loads of people out there willing to mentor you, but they will only mentor, they aren't looking to give you money or help you build your business, so you make more money.

A mentor is a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped into to build up your profit streams.  Mentors are not a means to profits through them directly, and if you think like this, you probably will get dropped quickly by them.

How to find a Mentor
I'm sure you're like most people who want a mentor but don't know how to find one.  There's no real trick, marketplace, social gathering, or hangouts where mentors go for people to find them.  You will have to search out the mentor, talk with them, and see if you can build a relationship with them.

You may not even need to talk to your potential mentor if they publish plenty of content and videos online.  You could just read through their novels of content and watch all their videos to see how you could do something.  Think of this as a digital mentor who can help lead you down the right path without ever having to talk with you lol.

Your relationship with a Mentor
You need to understand how your relationship with your mentor is working.  If you only talk via social media or emails, then you probably don't have the tightest relationship, but you could work on that over time.

You'll need to talk with your mentor via email, and any other means they prefer, but you need to make sure you're not over-eager and blow up their contact means because they could stop responding.  You don't want to come off as needy, so ask a few questions and apply the mentors' answers, then after a week you could shoot them a few more questions.  Over time, you can eventually get their phone number and talk to them directly.

Ask questions, don't ask for things
This point of the discussion is huge because you can't ask for things from your mentor unless it's the answer to a question you can't seem to figure out.  You'll want to stay relevant in your mentors' eyes, so you may want to send them an email every once in a while even if you've been doing everything well on your end without them.  Tell them you've been applying their advice and you're now doing much better.  Give them before and after statistics, even if it has nothing to do with them, and they will see you as a shining star in their stable of people they mentor.

If you're not asking them for things, they will like you more, because they likely get people asking them to invest daily. 

Your Mentor may hire you
In the future, if you've done everything right to build your relationship with your mentor, they may ask you to come on board and use your skills to help them become more profitable.  Since you've been building your relationship with them for a while now, they will feel like they already know you, and this means you can get paid top dollar for your skills (usually). 

Never ask your mentor for a job, but if they ever mention they're setting something up and might need to look for help, you can always suggest that you wouldn't mind coming on board to help out.  Never say something like "I wouldn't mind being an employee of yours!" because that sounds like you want to get paid.  What you should say, almost verbatim, is "That sounds great.  If you ever need help with it, let me know, and I'll do what I can to boost the business."

In the end,
You can find a good mentor on platforms like YouTube or even seeing them posting on sites like Entrepreneur or Forbes.  If you come across a directory of mentors, you likely won't find one that's worth working with, so don't go out of your way to pay a monthly fee for a mentor.  Work on your things, don't ask for handouts, and you can likely build a great relationship with a mentor and team up on future projects down the road.

Thanks for reading Look for a Mentor and stop asking for handouts

- Tommy


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