Step by Step - Reselling digital services and profiting 400%

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Step by Step - Reselling digital services and profiting 400%

There are plenty of people online who are reselling services, especially SEO and backlinking services, which means you could jump in and do this as well.  Some people run full-service SEO services and outsource the work to credible freelancers, but they're profiting much more than what the freelancer is charging, which is why this is such a lucrative idea if you can execute it well.

You won't get rich quick with something like this because people don't want to buy from a website with no reviews or authority.

Step by Step Reseller Business

Step 1:  The right domain and design
It doesn't matter what you're selling, you will need a domain that sounds right, and the design needs to be well put together.  I would suggest getting a short domain, something catchy of course, and registering it along with your hosting at a place like NameCheap. 

After you have your domain and hosting in the process of getting set up, you'll want to head over to ThemeForest and look for a theme that will fit your idea.  It doesn't have to match the industry you're looking to profit from because you can edit 99.9% of themes so you'll always be able to make it look how you want it to.  Find something that comes with Elementor and a few free plugins that would cost you a decent amount of money. 

If you can't find anything on ThemeForest that you like, check out the Divi theme builder sold by ElegantThemes.  You pay a yearly fee or a larger one-time fee, and you can build as many websites as you want rather quickly. 

Step 2:  Find Your Freelance Team
When you're reselling services for a profit, you will want to be sure they are coming from some of the best professionals available on this platform.  You'll want to filter out anyone that isn't level 3 or higher, so you know you're buying from someone that is dedicated to their work.

You won't need to contact these people and let them know you're selling their services for 4x what they're selling at; you need to keep purchasing from them anytime you get a sale on your website.

After you've purchased a few times, you might start getting discounts for being a regular customer, which means you'll start to profit even more than initially planned.

Step 3:  Retargeting
A lot of people think of retargeting after they start to advertise, but you'll want to have this set up before any traffic getting to your website.  If you wait until your ads are already running, you will miss those initial visitors, and you won't be able to retarget them unless they come back to view your website a second time. 

Retargeting is crucial when it comes to bringing people back to your website.  You can put ads in front of them after they leave your website and they will think, "Hey, I remember this site!  Let me check it out again!" and they have a much higher chance of purchasing when they come back through a retargeted ad.

Retargeted ads and discounts are another way you can give people an incentive to come back and purchase.  They didn't buy on their first visit?  Oh, there's an ad put in front of them with a 20% discount?  They'll come back and see how much they can save and possibly make a purchase Step by Step - Reselling digital services and profiting 400%

Step 4:  Automated Emails
You MUST set up an automated email system if you want to stay unbeaten in this business.  Have your customers subscribe to your newsletters to get their reports.  You'll have to tell them they're signing up for your newsletter, but you can pair this up with your checkout system so they have to check a box for your TOS and there will be an optional box (which is checked by default) that will get them to sign up for your newsletter.

You'll want the text near the newsletter box to say "Sign up for our newsletters, so you have access to our 50% discount codes given out at random times of the year!".  No one wants to miss out on a 50% discount, so be sure you have enticing text there, and they will usually sign up Step by Step - Reselling digital services and profiting 400%

Step 5:  Advertising
I won't go into too much detail with this, because it's talked about all over the internet, but you'll need to run some PPC campaigns if you want to bring in sales right away. 

Set up an Adwords campaign first because it will get your new website in front of the biggest audience right away.  After Adwords, you'll probably want to set up a Facebook ad targeting very specific people, so you know your clicks aren't wasted on someone who doesn't know what you're offering.  After Facebook ads are running and bringing in sales, you'll want to set up a Bing/Yahoo advertising campaign to tap into more potential clients.  The downside of Bing/Yahoo is that you might break even the first few months, but you'll be able to keep those buyers coming back for more, and that's how you'll build profit from that campaign.

Step 6:  Over Deliver!
You will want to over-deliver if possible because that's like giving your customers a nice little present when they get their reports, designs, websites, etc.  Give them something a little extra, explain what you did for free, and they will almost always be grateful for the extra work, and they will come back time and time again for more.

Great freelancers will over-deliver a lot of times, which means you won't have to do it often, and that means you're saving money while they over-deliver for you and your clients!  They're trying to please you, but they actually please your customers even more lol.

In conclusion,
Setting up a reseller business and getting your team together is the easy part.  The tough part comes when you start getting sales and have to manage everything.  You will be the middle man and forwarding reports to specific people so I would hope you have a tracking system for everything you have coming in and going out.  The more successful you get, the more difficult this becomes, so you might want to bring someone on board to help you out if you're making too much money lol Step by Step - Reselling digital services and profiting 400%

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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