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Apply for a bid

Any one guide me how I bid an offer for getting job in seoclerks as a freelancer.
Thank you


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All you really have to do is go to the WTB (want to buy) section and search for something you have the skills to work on. You'll find a lot of jobs open and you can easily bid on them.

People will set up a job for something they may not have been able to find on the marketplace, or they didn't even look and they want to pay a certain amount. Their listing will go live, people will bid on them, and the buyer will usually choose one or two of the people to do the work.

The one problem with the bids on jobs people need to be finished is that you can bid on anything, even if you don't have the skills, and you can say you'll do something unrelated to the job mentioned. A job could be posted by someone who wants some graphic design work done and you'll see plenty of people bidding $5 or less and offering SEO services, which doesn't make any sense.

If you do start to bid, please only bid on stuff that you can do the work for, don't just bid on anything and offer something unrelated.

- Tommy

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Thank you sir, guide for me

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Hi, sharv1312

If you cant find Jobs here that you may bid,
you may also check Another Freelancer platform.
try upwork or guru freelancer.

there a lot of Bidding Jobs events here.
but also lots of Competitors

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