How to use a Whitelabeling to build a brand and profit

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How to use a Whitelabeling to build a brand and profit

If you're unsure of what a white-labeling service is, it's something a company will offer to select individuals to sell their merchandise or services under your name, and they will rebrand everything for you.  All you have to do is focus on building your traffic streams, generating leads, and maintaining everything related to your website.  The company that is offering the white label service will handle all of the logistics, product development, and sometimes they will even handle all of your emails and support inquiries.

You can find companies in every industry that will offer white labeling services, but I would urge you to look for the best ones.  Go around and read reviews about their white labeling services, see what sort of pricing they offer to you, and be sure you're going to make a decent income if you go at this full time. 

You are slightly limited on what sort of services will offer a white labeling option because you can't white label a plumbing or carpentry service as easily as you could an SEO or merchandise website.  Something that requires you to set up a website and generate leads is much easier to brand than getting a new van, uniforms, and documentation for a brick and mortar type service so be sure to stay within the online realm and stick with white labeling options that allow you to set up a website and get the job done, so people don't know the difference between you and the actual company doing the work.

What you'll want to do is go over to Google and type in "(your niche) white label" to see what pops up.  If you don't see anything, move onto a different niche, and repeat the process until you find something that will pay a decent amount and won't be too difficult to bring in plenty of traffic.

To start, you'll need a website along with hosting and a decent logo.  You can get an excellent design from ThemeForest, put it on WordPress, and set up hosting through NameCheap or for an affordable price. 

After you have your website set up, you'll now need to start bringing in the traffic and leads, which you can do easily if you set up some Facebook ads, Adwords, and maybe some Bing Ads.

When you begin to set everything up, you should know how you're going to track everything.  Be sure to see how many leads, sales, and emails are getting sent to the original company, so you know if they are shaving sales and not paying you the correct amount.  White labeling options from new companies may not be as advanced as more prominent companies who might give you a website to promote after they take your input on the design.  Most companies will ask that you set up your website, but the great ones will have something for you already that you can slap a logo on and promote!

In the end, you should start off finding the right company that will pay you a decent amount per sale and has some good reviews online.  Talk to the white labeling sector of the business you're wanting to work with before making any decisions.  You wouldn't want to set up a website and come to the conclusion that the site you planned on working with no longer offers white labeling and they just happened to forget to remove that page from their website.  After you get everything set up, run some ads, make some sales, and keep growing your websites online presence in the niche you're targeting to have the most significant impact on your niche How to use a Whitelabeling to build a brand and profit

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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