Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

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Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

When I started working online, I knew that my website reputation and authority needed to be high to get sales from people who have never heard of me before.  They would land on my social profiles, see that 1,000s of others have liked my page already, and they would make a purchase because they thought plenty of others were already putting in orders.

In the past, you could pay a bot service to build your following, but they would get deleted gradually, and it would make your page look like it was about to die because everyone was jumping ship.  With my method, you can get real people liking your page for $0.01 and build up your false authority but convince people to purchase from you at the same time.

What you'll be doing is getting penny likes from actual people, but they may not convert into a sale, and that's why I say it's a way to build false authority.  You're getting legitimate likes from people, but they likely won't purchase from you, but people who land on your page will see thousands of others have liked you, so they will be more at ease since they think you're the king of your industry lol.

Here's what I did.

Set up a Page Like Ad
When you set this up, you will have an ad that has the only purpose of building your page likes.  Most campaigns like this are genuinely set up to bring in people around their business, find quality likes, bring in leads, etc.  But you're doing this to build up your likes so later on down the road you can convince people, without them having to contact you, that you're the best in the industry and they should purchase from you.

Objective:  Page Likes
Buying Type:  Auction
Spending Limit: (Optional) I did not set one.

I also have my campaign budget at $10.00 a day, so I could get upwards of 1,000 likes on my page per day, which is a whole lot if you let this run continuously, as I did lol.

Another thing you need to look at is your "Campaign Bid Strategy" and set it at $0.05 or lower.  I was getting likes at $0.01, so I reduced my bid from $0.05 to $0.02, and I'm getting the same amount of likes each day.  In the "Advanced Options" section you can choose "Accelerated Delivery," but it could increase the cost per like, so keep it on "Standard" for now and see how low you can get your cost per like.

Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

Set up my Audience
Your strategy is to build the most amount of page likes at the lowest cost possible, so your audience is going to be pretty broad.  You'll want to target anyone you can, mainly the people who don't already like your page, so be sure not to get too specific when targeting.  As you can see below, I have my targeting aimed at the entire world for people between 20 and older who can speak English.  My total audience was around 1,000,000,000 people, so I knew my ad was going to get seen a good amount of times each day lol.

(It says 13+ in the image, but it's 20+)

Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

Ad Placements
When it comes to where your ad will be showing to most people, you'll want to let Facebook automatically place your ads wherever they can instead of editing the placements.  This way you can be sure you're getting seen as often as possible to get all those juicy likes.

Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

Optimization & Delivery
When you get to this section, you'll start to get to the really important stuff.  You'll want to set your maximum bid at $0.05 for now and see how many likes you can get per day for the budget you have set.  I have my daily budget set at $10.000, and my cost per like is currently at $0.02 even though the image below says $0.05.

Make sure you're getting charged per like, not for impressions, because you'll want to get it down to $0.01 per like as quickly as possible and if you're bidding on impressions then you're rolling the dice on how much you'll pay per like.

As for the delivery type, you'll want to start with Standard and possibly move over to accelerated if you're not capping out each day.  If you're set at $1.00 a day and you're not spending all of it, switch over to accelerated delivery and be sure to get as many likes as possible.  When you switch to accelerated delivery, there is a notice saying you could pay more per like, but that's just a risk you need to take at this point if you're not capping out.

Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

Let Your Campaign Age
You likely won't pay $0.01 per like right away because your campaign hasn't aged at all.  You will need to get 500+ impressions on your ad before Facebook can begin to get an idea of how relevant it is for the audience.  Since you're targeting worldwide and bidding low, you will get likes from all over the world, not the highest of quality, but you'll usually get down to $0.01 per page like after a couple of weeks Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

In the end, you can use this method alongside a genuine ad campaign method to boost your likes, and you will convince people you're the king of your niche before they ever want to talk with you.  They'll see you have 20,000+ likes, while your competitors have 5,000, and they will think you're the best because of sheep mentality.  They follow others who have already liked you, which will increase your likes and sales, and that means you become more successful over time because you built genuine likes to your facebook page that aren't of the highest quality.


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Thank you for this! I've worked with other ad platforms but am new to Facebook's ad platform. I've bookmarked this for once I start facebook campaigns.

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Hey Azaan,

This method is good for building up the number of likes you have on your page but it won't really build a quality following. I use this little trick helps you convince people that you're an authority because they'll see that you have 2x or even 3x as many likes as your competitors and the visitor will think "These guys must be way better!" and that will help you close more leads.

You probably won't get many sales from the likes you're generating, even though they're real, and this is because you're getting people from all over the work to click "Like" on your page and they may not even know what they're liking lol.

Later on you can set up a legitimate campaign to target people who actually like what you're pitching, but it will cost more per like/click. The good thing is that your relevancy and engagement will be much better due to all the targeted people seeing the thousands upon thousands of likes you already have and their sheep mentality will kick in.

Remember, people will like your page if someone else already likes it, and that's why I use this trick to build up my facebook pages in the beginning Legitimate Facebook likes at an affordable price to build your following.

- Tommy

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