How to increase sales per month?

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How to increase sales per month?

I am new here I just started my career on Seoclerk a few months ago I am getting few orders but i would like to know your experiences about marketing on seoclerk.


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Try to provide quickly delivery to your buyers

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There are a few easy ways to boost your sales, such as:

Category featured position
You can pay a monthly fee to feature your service(s) on top of the category they're in and you will get clicks each day. You might not get rich with this if your service doesn't look good, but it's a start. I actually love category featured spots because your service will be shown to everyone who is already looking for it. Think about it, they have to click through to the specific category in order to see your service, which is right there on top since you're paying for a category feature, and now they're clicking through to see what you offer How to increase sales per month?

Homepage featured position
This is a much more expensive type of advertising here, but it's totally worth it if you can afford it as well as actually obtain it, so keep an eye out on these if you want to use them. They sell out quickly because your service will get shown on the homepage to everyone who visits this marketplace. This means you will get the maximum amount of clicks and views on your service as possible and potentially get hundreds or thousands of sales each month How to increase sales per month?

Format your services
I looked through your services briefly and saw they were slightly formatted. What I would suggest is adding in some examples where possible and having a few more images. Don't make it look tacky, just add images where it's necessary, and you should capture a few more sales. Think about it, if you had two people give you business cards and one was just white with a name on it and the other was black with gold lettering and had images, you'd likely think the fancier looking one came from a better service provider. This is the start of marketing and you need to make your services look as good as they possibly can so people purchase from you without having to ask dozens of questions first How to increase sales per month?

Promote your services
When I say to promote your services, I'm not talking about doing that here, I mean you should publish your links on 3rd party websites for people to see and come in to purchase. You can do this on blogs, websites, social platforms, etc. Just be sure you're not spamming your link around the internet because you could get banned from various platforms. Only post your links when someone is searching for what you offer.

You can take it a step further and use to mask your own affiliate link, then link to your own service here, and get an affiliate sale if someone doesn't buy from you but makes a purchase from someone else How to increase sales per month? This is a way of boosting your profits over time. You won't get an affiliate sale from your own services, but you'll still be getting some sort of profit if people don't want your service but instead purchase something else How to increase sales per month?

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Thank you so much

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