Seller Not Following Instructions

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Seller Not Following Instructions


So I just had a job finished and I am not sure what to feel.

Basically, the seller did not follow my instructions. During the purchase, I gave him some instructions but changed some of it well within 24 hours of the start of the job. I gave him new instructions to which he already responded that he got it. I even confirmed it with him the second time around to make sure he did and he confirmed once again.

Fast forward one month and I found out he never followed instructions.

What should I do? He has become unresponsive.



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All you can really do is ask for revisions unless he's selling a bad SEO/backlink service then he's not going to go back through the hundreds or thousands of links and fix them.

If he's unresponsive, all you can do is open a mutual cancellation and hope he agrees to it. Since he's unresponsive he probably won't even see the mutual cancellation request.

If you've already approved the work then saw it was messed up, you can't really go back and do anything about it Seller Not Following Instructions You can just leave a negative review and explain to everyone why the work was bad. Explain how you talked to the seller, on multiple occasions, and still, the work was done wrong and it hurt your website. You probably won't be able to get your money back, since you already said the work was completed correctly, so you'll just have to leave a negative review and hopefully the seller then goes back and fixes everything in exchange for your to revise your review (not sure if that's even possible on the new theme though).

If you can't come to a conclusion with the seller, after doing everything you possibly can, you should talk with the support team here and see if they can step in to help you out. I've had sellers try to mess with me in the past by giving me horrible services, adding Cyrillic letters to articles they were supposed to write, and various other things but I call them out on it. If I can't come to a conclusion with the seller then I open it up to the support team and they come to a quick resolution that is usually in my favor since I do everything I possibly can to get a cancellation from the seller prior to contacting the support team.

In the end, you have to protect yourself as much as possible before you make a purchase. You probably won't get your money back if you already completed the order, but there are some things you can do in order to protect yourself next time.

Talk to the seller prior to ordering
You can click "Contact" next to their profile image and talk with them prior to ordering. I like to do this to see how long it takes to respond, see how they respond, see if they're professional, and basically assess them through their response to see if they're professional or not. If I get a bad vibe with the initial response I usually don't order from them.

Write up your job description beforehand
I always write up my job description prior to ordering from the seller. I will treat it as a blog post and I'll go over every little detail to make sure it's understandable and portrays what I want exactly. This helps protect me in the end if the seller returns something that isn't anywhere near what I've requested. You can't really do this with an SEO service but it's much easier to do with any sort of design service. With a pre-set service like SEO and building backlinks you need to be as specific as possible but you can't really tell them where you want the link placed since that's already in their game plan and they won't be able to put you on Forbes, HuffingtonPost, or CNN if you paid them $10 for a few profile links.

Filtering out sellers
I will usually filter out level 1 and level 2 sellers from my results if I'm purchasing something I really need to be done. I will only purchase from level 1 and level 2 sellers if the work needed to be done isn't crucial and is more of an add-on to what I already have going on Seller Not Following Instructions I've seen plenty of people, level 1 and level 2, go up to level X after months of work done and I was one of their first orders Seller Not Following Instructions It's a good thing to see, but I still try to filter out the newer sellers because I'm just not sure how professional they are and what type of work they'll have for me when they're done Seller Not Following Instructions

I hope that helps you out Seller Not Following Instructions

- Tommy

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Well, as a buyer, all you can do is :
1. Rate his order with bad, along with the reason.
2. Its possible to ask help from support too. They are nice and I believe they could help you.

Just imho,

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Hey guys!

Thanks for the heads up. I've already talked to the seller and he is adamant he did follow instructions but it is clear he didn't (he used the wrong keywords).

I understand he already put a lot of effort on the job but it's not really what I need right now. I will continue talking to him but when he becomes unreasonable I will just talk to support.


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Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can really do outside of leaving a bad review. Bad reviews that are detailed hold a lot of weight and can hurt potential future sales. It's the last thing that anyone wants.

With that being said, at this point, it's up to the seller if he wants to commit to any revisions. If I'm not mistaken, after 5 days of delivery, even if you haven't rated the seller, the transaction is marked as closed and completed. Sure, you can contact ionicware at and hope for the best, but even you admitted that he put a lot of effort into the job. So, in a way he deserves to be compensated. Again, if you don't like the quality of the effort, leave a bad review and next time pay attention to timelines.

As Tommy stated earlier, chalk up this loss as experience. Make sure that you provide a detailed description of what you want from the outset to prevent confusion like this.

I hope for the best. I know as a seller, I would do anything to avoid a bad review short of being taken advantage of. So, good luck.

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The only thing is leave a negative review with explanation and mutual cancellation if that's available.

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give objective rating as your experience to help other buyer.

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