I am new to seoclerk site.

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I am new to seoclerk site.

I want work as data entry and excel and Account Payable. Can you someone help me in this regard because I am new to seoclerk site.


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Hey there I am new to seoclerk site.

You'll need to set up some services that show your skills so people can start to purchase from you. I see you joined about a week ago and don't have a single service up and running yet, how come?

What you need to do is type up an enticing title that says what you're going to do, but don't give away too much info. After that, you'll need to write up, and format, a good looking description that goes into detail about your services. You don't want to just write a huge article about your skills, you'll want to break it down into sections so people don't get bored going down the page as they read.

I've said this numerous times, you'll need to use the text editor to add bold, italics, underlines, change your fonts, increase the size of your font, add images, add quotes, and much more. The more visually appealing your service looks, the easier it will be to sell, and that means more money in your pocket I am new to seoclerk site.

If you have some orders from previous websites then take screenshots of the positive reviews and add them to your service descriptions. You'll want to remove any branding from the screenshots you're adding so they get approved, but that's not difficult. You can use Gyazo or Monosnap to get awesome looking shots and then insert them to your service. Gyazo and Monosnap are free if you were wondering I am new to seoclerk site.

After you get all of this set up you will need to undercut your competitors and price your service equal or a little less than what they are selling for. This will get you your initial sales because everyone likes to save money. Then you will need to take those profits and purchase a category featured position for your best selling service. This will bring even more traffic to your service because it will be placed at the top of the category you're in for 31 days. You won't have to worry about bumps, your service will stick to the top of the category, and all you have to worry about is getting the work done from the sales that come in I am new to seoclerk site.

I would recommend purchasing a homepage featured spot but they are pretty expensive. You'll definitely make your money back with that type of featured position, but you need to shell out the money before getting any sales, which a lot of people can't do. If you can afford to pay for the homepage featured spot I would still wait until you have 10+ positive reviews on your service because people want to purchase from a seller who has already done great work for others.

I hope that helps you out a little I am new to seoclerk site.

- Tommy

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Well talk I am new to seoclerk site. you are correct

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Thanks Tommy, you have just spoken my mind.
Well, in addition, you can try to outsource most selling gigs on SEOclerks as well.
That's my own contribution.


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bro same thing is happen here I am same position i need work but no one justified my work bro what will we do i dont know

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Well come to seoclerks
Just create your service and bump daily you got orders

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