Facebook/ Bing ads changes

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Facebook/ Bing ads changes

Facebook has changed to prepaid billing. Do take note. Most likely it is affecting all new facebook ad accounts. Old accounts are still under
post paid. Again, thanks to idiots who abuses the system and don't pay
their ad cost.

Bing ads are doing more through checking for all post paid clients. And
getting stricter thanks to abuses of coupons and people who don't pay ad


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Oh wow, didn't know this was going to happen. My accounts are still postpay, but I have an account linked to them and they get paid immediately, so I don't think I've pissed off Facebook or Bing enough for them to switch me over lol Facebook/ Bing ads changes

I would assume the newer accounts like you mentioned, and accounts abusing the system would be switched over to a pre-paid type of advertising but the seasoned/old accounts in good standing would still be set to post-pay since they haven't done anything to anger the PPC platform gods lol.

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