Should I spend on Quora Ads?

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Should I spend on Quora Ads?

Hi! I am currently running Google Ad campaigns for the Football Manager game which is available on Playstore. I am currently building links through Quora having an active thread. I have a solid strategy on paper but I'm not sure how effective Quora Ads are. Is it good to increase app downloads? I took this blog on Quora Ads for reference.

Share your opinions and any strategies if you have in mind.


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I've never really had success with Quora Ads and this is why I've stopped using them. Their analytics aren't great, the traffic seemed to be generic, and their targeting didn't seem to be accurate.

I would think you're better off advertising a website, one that pushes your app/game, in AdWords or bing ads. Then retarget using a 3rd party service to keep people coming back in from social media platforms like Facebook.

Quora might work for some people, but I've never had success with them, and that's why I haven't used them in over a year.

Before you say "Well, you haven't used them in a year!" you need to remember that I'm a member of some closed groups around the internet that shares secrets and techniques and not once have I heard anyone say "Quora is amazing now!" lol Should I spend on Quora Ads?

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