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I want work as data entry and excel and Account Payable.  Can you someone help me in this regard because I am new at seoclerk site. 


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Hello dear friend.
Welcome on Seoclerks.
dear friend if you need to work as Data entry and excel then create your service
you can create a service From this link on Seoclerks Site
Sell a Service ( )

or you can also find job those people who need your services . you can Found the job dwon tab understand the market place
or the short link is ( )

I Hope you Understand
Regards: MAWPromotions

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You'll need to create your services first and be sure they're in the right categories. When you start the process you need to be sure the descriptions of your services are formatted well so they don't just show a wall of text. You will need to make the services visually appealing and be sure to sell them for cheaper than your competitors in the beginning.

If you're undercutting your competitors, you're going to get more customers, and if you're providing a great service then your customers will come back time and time again.

The trick to this is to increase your pricing over time and your customers will gladly keep hiring you since they know the quality of your work is top notch. They will gladly pay $10 now even though they were paying $5 in the past, and that's all because you're good at what you do.

Another thing to think of is advertising your services here. You can choose between a category feature or a homepage feature. The homepage features are now on a bidding system, and there are limited spots, so this could get pretty expensive. What I usually recommend to people is a category feature since it's less saturated and comes at a flat rate. You simply pay for the month and get your service featured within your category, getting you seen, and you will boost your sales gradually New on this site

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