what is scope in seoclerks

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what is scope in seoclerks

what is scope in seoclerksDear all I am new in this site and non experience so what can I do for earn money in this site can you please help me....... 


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I see you have some graphic design services listed already what is scope in seoclerks

Here are my 2cents on your services and how you can boost sales.

Your Services
They both seem to revolve around graphic design, which is needed for every website, and you put them in two different categories which is perfect what is scope in seoclerks This means you will be able to target more people across the site and get more views on your services.

A few edits to think of:
1. Add more examples and images to your descriptions. You're selling a graphic design service so you should be able to show plenty of examples to people who are willing to purchase. Don't just use the slide show, add them directly to your descriptions so people can see them right away, and this will usually help build up your sales.

2. Format your content so it isn't so boring. Right now you just have plain text showing on your pages. You're a graphic designer and that means your service descriptions should be more energetic and appealing to the masses compared to everyone elses services. I have a writing service but I still formatted it to look great and added pictures, which is why I tend to get more sales from high quality clients. Try revamping your service descriptions and you will likely get more sales.

3. Interlink your services with basic hyperlinks and anchor text. You can do this at the end of your service description and funnel traffic between your two services. I've done this in the past when I had multiple services, which worked well, and it got me more clients overall because I was getting traffic to my writing service from another category that my other service was listed in what is scope in seoclerks

Advertising Your Services
There are two main options for advertising your services, and you've likely seen both already, but they are homepage features and category features. You can highlight and pay for bumps, but those won't work as well as the other two I mentioned, so let's cover the main two.

Homepage feature
This is pretty expensive if you don't have a stable income already. It's not on a bidding system, so the highest bidder wins, but you'll almost always make your money back relatively quickly if you manage to get a hold of these positions. I don't remember how many there are, but it's less than 30, and that's why it's difficult to obtain.

Category feature
I absolutely love category features because it allows me to put my service at the top of the category in order to capture sales from people who are actually looking for a service like mine. You could get your services listed on both of the categories you're listed in and funnel traffic to both of your services easily what is scope in seoclerks It's much cheaper to do a category feature, which is why I love it, but you will gain clients much slower since there tends to be less traffic.

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The first thing that you want to do is identify what your skills are and/or what you are extremely passionate about. Experience is not as important if you are continually willing to learn and grow as a professional.

At the very beginning, try to limit your services to just one niche/vertical. Once you find and identify that one thing that you are extremely good at, you can start offering services dedicated to that skill. It will be hard in the beginning since you have no experience and have built no reputation, but stay focused and committed. Browse the site for the categories relevant to your niche so that you can get an idea of what's being offered and at what price.

Since, you are just beginning, it's important to make sure that you have ample samples of your work. A great portfolio will help alleviate some of the questions and trust issues that buyers may have with new sellers.

Finally, SEOClerks has additional services that you can purchase to feature your work on the homepage, etc. Also, they have "Boost services" that you can purchase and/or accrue based on your daily site activity. These boost services will help to place your service in a more prominent position within it's category and are normally applicable for up to 24 hours.

Some general tips include:Communication - Make sure that you are active and communicate with prospective buyers. If a seller doesn't respond to me in a timely manner, I will look elsewhere. Normally the cut-off is 24 hours, although I start to lose interest in a few hours.

Deliver a great finished product
- Ensure that you deliver your service on time, every time. It doesn't hurt to over deliver where applicable. If the buyer needs something changed or revised, be responsive and fix it right away.

Ask for referrals - Don't be afraid to ask for referrals. Also, don't be afraid to ask your client can you contact them in a few weeks or a few months for any additional work that they may need.

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