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Re submission of details

    My account is suspended due to my title is start with 'I will' phrase.where can I see the option for changing this problem? please give me a useful guideline


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Your account is suspended and you're still posting here in the community discussions section? That doesn't make sense so I'm going to assume you mean your service was suspended?

If it's your service that was suspended just go to and edit your service title so it doesn't show anything that breaks the terms of service here. It will go into limbo and you'll need to wait until it's re-approved before it's live for everyone to purchase from.

Now, if your account was the actual thing that was suspended and you didn't have a typo in the original post, then making a second account to come here and post isn't something taken lightly. You're only allowed one account here and if your original account was suspended then you need to go through the proper channels in order to get it reinstated. Check with the support desk here:

If they can't help you there then I don't know what to say Re submission of details

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