How Domain Authority Helps to Boost SEO Ranking?

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How Domain Authority Helps to Boost SEO Ranking?

Hi guys,
I am doing work to boost my website domain authority for a long time. And now DA is 38. But still want to know how it effects SEO ranking. Can someone help me or provide a few resources where i can get my answer?

I am waiting for your positive response!


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In other words, does a website with a high authority domain has more chances to rank well, right?

The answer is NO — not in a direct way.

Google has consistently denied that there is even such a thing as "domain authority".

They explained that they look at individual pages, rather than domains in general.

You can easily outrank those “high authority” websites because what’s important is the authority of a particular page. Not a domain. A page.

I’m sure you see such examples all the time: an online store, which is highly popular and authoritative, has its blog section as sub-folder.

And not a single blog post from there gets any rankings. The reason is as simple as that: despite the high overall domain authority, individual blog pages are weak. That’s it.

Of course, nothing in SEO is so simple and, in many other ways, DA matters a lot.

Like, backlinks from websites with higher domain authority are more useful and help your rankings way better.

It also works this way for internal linking. If your domain authority is high and you link from one of your pages to another, those interlinks will be more valuable and high-powered.

So yeah, the bottom line is:

  • High domain authority doesn’t guarantee you high rankings at all.
  • High page authority does.
  • Domain authority is more important for link building purposes and stuff.
Hope it helps How Domain Authority Helps to Boost SEO Ranking?

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Domain authority is more of a Moz metric and not really related to rankings. Sure, some websites that have a higher DA will rank easier but it's not because of some metric, it's because of the work they did to boost their authority within their niche.

What you need to focus on is niche related content, links, ad placements, etc. The more relevant your content is on 3rd party websites that link to you, the better your rankings will get, and you won't really need to chase a higher DA valuation. I honestly stopped looking at my DA because I've had low and high websites rank for competitive keywords.

Focus on your website, not some metric that tells you what they think you're valued at, and you will be happier in the long run. View your website as a business and keep putting amazing content on niche related websites that link back to you. If you can do this and pair it with social media management then you'll likely go up the rankings and have people happy when they try to contact you via facebook or twitter How Domain Authority Helps to Boost SEO Ranking? They'll be so happy that they'll share your links on blogs, forums, websites, etc. and that will only increase your rankings even further.

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This parameter will help you not to make a mistake when using the domain authority checker and choosing the right site where you can most effectively place your links, as well as timely track positions in the search results of your competitors' sites.

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