How to figure out a small niche that sells

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How to figure out a small niche that sells

Everyone is flocking to keyword research tools to see what niches are small but getting traffic, so they know their effort won't be wasted if they set up a website for profits.  There are many reasons this adds loads of work to your likely business schedule, and I'm here to save you!

There are many ways to figure out what you should target to make some extra cash online, and below I'll cover a few of them How to figure out a small niche that sells

Look around your house
Some of my better ideas have come just from looking around my house to see what is used every day, and if I can tap into that niche to profit.  Yes, you should still do some keyword research but only do it after you have an idea and not before.

You use light switches, lamps, tables, chairs, steps, cups, plates, silverware, and hundreds of other things every day.  Think about what you could do to tap into a niche laying around your house and start your journey.  Need a custom lightswitch case?  Can't find them online?  Oh, Look! You just found your niche lol.  Think of it like that and you will be able to find plenty of niches out there that people aren't saturating.

What would make your life easier?
Recently I was drinking a beer and thought "I wish this can had a handle on it" and then BAM!  I had an idea to build one, so I went on Amazon and saw dozens of products that did just this lol.  Even though I hit a wall because the idea was already thought of doesn't mean I'm going to stop thinking of what can make my life easier and then taking it online to turn a profit!

You can sit around your house and think of things like this but what I like to do is come across them naturally and then go online.  I've found a few things, added them to my "to do" list and I'll hopefully get back to them when I have the free time How to figure out a small niche that sells  It's not impossible to design something simple, sell it for a 10x markup, and then sell to an investor for millions.  Some of the simplest things have made a creator millions in just a few months, so be sure to keep thinking, and then you could possibly stumble across a gold mine How to figure out a small niche that sells

What do you need to survive?
Think of bottled water as an example.  It's super simple, easy to produce, and has an enormous markup which is perfect for any company that is trying to make money lol.  The only problem with selling drinks or food is you will have to get it passed the FDA in order to sell to the masses.  You can't have tainted foods of liquids going out to millions of people and getting them sick.  You'll literally go to jail for this and your money will dry up.

You can also think of this as a "Super Necessity" instead of something we need to survive.  We need closes, medication, sleep, vitamins, a healthy diet, etc.  Think outside the box a little bit and you might be able to find something that hasn't been tapped into by every marketer under the sun and you'll make some quick cash.

Put a twist on something
Do you have an idea but someone is already doing it well?  Just put a twist on it and make as much money as them!  You can put a twist on the product or service and then target a totally different person to make sales.  You may be targeting a better demographic than the original creator and making more money, just be sure they don't have any trademarks you're infringing upon because that's an ordeal you don't want to go through.

It's not always obvious
I always as my family "What sort of product or service do you wish you could find online?" and sometimes gets the most obscure responses.  They're not always golden nuggets of information, but sometimes they're excellent, and the nice thing about this is that I don't have to give my relatives royalties since they didn't do any of the work to make something profitable lol. 

In Conclusion,
Figuring out a niche to target isn't always the easiest thing to do and it's not always obvious.  You need to be patient when trying to figure something out and don't jump into something that won't be profitable for the long run.  Think about what people have been using for years, what people need, some things that could use a twist, or simply some items around your house that you could find cheaper and sell online for a profit.  There are various ways to make money like this but it's up to your imagination and how you think really.  So, get to thinking How to figure out a small niche that sells

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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