Start dropshipping 1,000s of products today and profit

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Start dropshipping 1,000s of products today and profit

Drop shipping has become a lucrative way to make money online, but not many people know how to do it properly.  You still need to run this like a full-fledged business and professional website, but you won't have any inventory to worry about, which is excellent! 

With this method, you'll be using a pretty simple plugin, that comes with a browser extension for Chrome, and you can get all of your products live and ready to sell within a day!  I actually use this method, so I know it works, and this is also why I know it takes time before you'll be profitable, so you'll need to go into this knowing you'll need to invest some time if you want to be successful.

What you'll need:
- Domain Name
- Hosting
- WordPress (with WooCommerce if you want)
- AliDropship Plugin
- Free Time

You'll need a Domain, Hosting, and an SSL if you want to run an E-commerce website because it has to be live and secure.  Just be sure to have a catchy domain name that is also niche specific.  The domain won't help with your SEO, so don't worry if it's not an exact match, get something that works for your niche.

Now that you have your Domain, Hosting, and SSL all set up, you can now install Wordpress!  This isn't too difficult, so I won't get into it much, find the Wordpress logo in your CPanel and install it Start dropshipping 1,000s of products today and profit  Once you have Wordpress installed you can also install WooCommerce for later on when you want to use a fancy looking theme.  You don't need to use a Woocommerce theme if you don't want to, the plugin I'm about to talk about comes with some pre-designed themes you can use for free, and they look pretty awesome!

The plugin you'll need is called AliDropship, and it can be found at lol.  There isn't a subscription for this plugin, you pay once, and you own it for life, which is excellent compared to other services that charge monthly or annual fees to use their plugins.  So, after you purchase and install the plugin, you will want to install the Chrome browser extension for AliDropship for this to work correctly.

Once you have everything installed, you can now browse through AliExpress and add products to your website by clicking on the browser extension!  Yup, your products will go live on your website right after you click on them from AliExpress!

You can take this one step further and purchase a pack of pre-edited products from and get everything looking super amazing in the shortest amount of time as possible.  Think about it, how long would it take you to edit a single product, maybe 20 minutes if you're adding multiple images?  Well, you can purchase 1,500 pre-edited items from for $199, which will save you a massive amount of time!

In the end,
You can set up your drop shipping store in less than 24 hours depending on how quick your hosting gets set up.  You can be selling your "inventory" tomorrow and not worry much about chargebacks because you'll have people paying through Stripe or PayPal and they had to agree to all your TOS, and you are giving out tracking info.  The person got their product then filed a claim in PayPal?  Well, add their tracking number and show they received the item and they're just trying to get it for free by opening a claim lol.  Have fun with this, sell stuff you would love to own yourself, and it will be easier than you think to make money in this arena Start dropshipping 1,000s of products today and profit

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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I used to do this with aliexpress..

- Kioko Media.

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