Traffic Spirit and similar faux-traffic bots for SEO

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Traffic Spirit and similar faux-traffic bots for SEO

I know bots like Traffic Spirit, Jingling, and many others are only sending fake bot traffic to your site but many believe that they can increase SERPs by searching for your keywords and "clicking" to your website and spending a bit of time to reduce your bounce rates.

Anyone have opinions or data on this?  I know they're bad if I'm running Adsense or similar, but I'm not.  I just want to raise my search engine rankings and thought adding this method for awhile might help.



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If they're bad for Adsense don't you think they'd be bad for the rankings of your website within Google ;)

Sending fake traffic to your search results, and getting clicks to your website, won't really help you. This use to work a long time ago but the algorithm has been tweaked so much that Google now understands how these types of software act. Just getting a click from a search results page a few thousand times for a keyword that you will obviously rank for won't do much for you. You'd need to get dozens of clicks from hundreds of different keywords, where you're likely not ranked, in order to see any sort of results in the SERPs for your own listing.

Yes, you can have the software go to the 13th page and find the #8 listing, then click on it, and spend some time on your website but that doesn't look natural at all and the search engines know this.

How often have you even made it to page 3 on Google when you're searching for something? If you say "I always get to page 5+" then I know you're telling lies lol.

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I can definitely see why they would be extra-protective regarding Adsense....but think about it... If using a bot like this could *hurt* you, I imagine countless people would be using them against their competitors to lower their rankings. I mean, I wouldn't do it as that's pretty evil, but it's easy to see how it could harm the competition.

In fact, even if it could hurt Adsense, you'd think people would be decimating their competition by running bots aimed directly at a competitor's Adsense page and thereby forcibly demonetizing the site.

Based on just how unfair that is, I suspect using bot traffic either helps some or does absolutely nothing at all.....but it's hard for me to believe it's destructive. I would love to test without actually harming anyone.

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Hi...I was using similar kind of software years back and it did help. Though i had lot of issues using my own browser later on. I was using proxies but some how google doubted my browser been used for sending traffic so they were asking me captcha many times. But using this trick is not bad...

You must understand the logic of using it and how to use in terms of sending traffic quantity...

Best Regards

Super Seo

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People use traffic bots for different reasons like to reduce bounce rates, Increase CTR, Boost in Alexa, etc..

- Kioko Media.

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