Renting websites for profits and how you can do it to

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Renting websites for profits and how you can do it to

I'm sure you've come across this a few times, or you've tried it in the past, and you probably know this is an excellent way to generate some additional revenue each month.  You might not strike it rich with this type of money making method, but you could pay some other bills or maybe even quit your day job.

If you plan on building this method up, running a dozen or more websites, then it could be a very profitable business, but that could take up all of your time.  If you aren't making much money right now, I would suggest trying out website rentals to see what happens because it has a low-cost investment to get started if you do all of your research just right!

Now then, let's get to it, shall we?

Step 1:  Domain and Hosting
For this rental method, you don't need a big fancy server so if you were to pay for a full year up front through NameCheap; you could get a domain and hosting for around $50.

For your domain, you will want it to be closely related to the niche you're targeting advertisers for.  If you're targeting dentists in a particular town or county, try to get or to help convince dentists in the area you're genuinely targeting the area.  Exact match domain names don't matter much when it comes to SEO, but it will help close a deal with a dentist since they know you're serious about the area they're in.

You can get the cheapest hosting from NameCheap and pair it with your hosting.  If you pay for the year up front or get a hosting account through them, you will get a free SSL that will also help you look more professional and make it slightly easier to rank for niche specific keywords.

Step 2:  Wordpress and a Theme
Browse through some of the more prominent companies that sell themes and allow you to use the same theme on multiple websites.  This will help you save money if you plan to build on this method to 2+ sites because you'll only be paying for a single theme/design instead of getting a new license for each.

Theme Bundles With Unlimited Usage

  • - $89 per year or $149 for Lifetime access
  • - $89 per year or $202 for Lifetime access
  • - $99 per year or $199 for Lifetime access
  • - $99 per year or $249 for Lifetime access
  • - $99 per year or $299 for Lifetime access
  • - $85 per year (No Lifetime Access Option)
  • - (No yearly option) $249 for Lifetime access

Many other companies offer an annual and lifetime option, but these are the ones that aren't ridiculously priced Renting websites for profits and how you can do it to

As you can see, you can pay $89 to $99 a year for unlimited usage, which means you could have 100 websites and not pay a penny over $99 for all of your designs.  This will save you a ton of money if you decide to set up more than one rental website.

Step 3:  Content and Optimization
You can either hire a writer here or create the content yourself.  Writing the articles yourself will save you a lot of money so I would suggest you go that route in the beginning and bring on a writer later on if this method is successful for you Renting websites for profits and how you can do it to

As start thinking of your keywords, you need to be sure they're going to gain traffic because no one wants to rent out a website if it doesn't have any potential to send leads to their company.  Remember, you're renting out the entire site, not just an ad spot, so be sure everything is super focused and able to convert so your renters will profit.  Target the low hanging fruit, keywords with 500 to 1,000 searches per month, and you can find these by using free keyword checkers/trackers or premium methods like Ahrefs or SEMrush.

After you get plenty of content up and running, you'll want to boost your DA as much as possible by purchasing links from sellers here.  You can get great guest posts on authority websites that will help your DA but won't help much with competitive keywords, which is what you'll want in the begging, and you will start to rank for those low traffic keywords.  Do this for a couple of months and move onto step 4!

Step 4:  Contact Targeted Businesses
This is where your pitch comes into play!  You need to start contacting business owners that could benefit from the traffic on your website.  You can email them and try to set up a phone call, so you know they're not being rushed.  I don't recommend calling them right away because they're like busy, because they are running a business, so try to schedule a call later on when you send an email.

In your email you should talk about your website and how much traffic you're getting.  Also, mention you're looking to rent it out to just one business owner in the area at an affordable price of $XXX per month.  You can usually get these quickly rented out for $149 to $299 a month depending on your niche. 

After you close a deal, you will now add the renter's info to the contact page, but you need to use trackable numbers and emails field that you can monitor to see how many leads are being sent to the company.  You always need to track your leads being sent because if they renter tries to argue over pricing in month 2 or 3, then you can come back with "Well, you've received 382 leads over the last 60 days.  That's roughly $2 a lead I've been sending over, and you would be paying more if you run a PPC campaign.  The pricing is pretty low for what we're sending over, and we know we can get someone else to sign up, but we love working with you and would like to keep this business relationship going".  They'll stick around if you word it like that lol.

In the end,
This method does take time and effort, it's not a get rich quick scheme, and there's no guarantee for success, so you'll need to do all of your research before jumping in.  You need to see each website as the clients own rental, you can't put multiple clients on one site, so stick with the 1x1 rentals.  Another thing to think about is you can download a free Wordpress migration plugin to duplicate your design from one hosting account to another, which will save you a ton of time if you're targeting the same niche but in different areas Renting websites for profits and how you can do it to  You can basically target 10 different towns but set up one website and share the code between all of them.  Just be sure to edit them slightly before you start to do any SEO or promotion, so these new websites show the correct logos and info Renting websites for profits and how you can do it to

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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Great advice.. I will do it.

- Kioko Media.

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