SEO quality in 2019 needs to be higher than normal

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SEO quality in 2019 needs to be higher than normal

With every updated that Google does to its search algorithm, we need to push more quality than quantity.  If you can push quality AND quantity, go for it, but don't burn yourself out too much.  All of the search engines want to show their users the best content or videos possible to anyone searching, and this means you need to step your game up in 2019. 

I know you've probably heard this every year since 1997, but it stands true, and you need to continue focusing on quality work even today.  Run a business, not a website, and you'll usually be granted top spots within Google if you did everything right SEO quality in 2019 needs to be higher than normal  Now then, here are a few more things to think about.

SEO Software Doesn't Help
If you're still using SEO software to automate your work, you're probably not ranking for difficult keywords.  SEO software died out five to 7 years ago and hasn't worked.  Sure, you can rank for long-tailed keywords with low competition, but you won't get much traffic even if you are ranked well, so why waste your time and money on something that won't help you convert traffic into sales.

People are still using Xrumer, Scrapebox, and SEnuke to do all their SEO, and it's not working well.  You can go out and write a high quality article and submit it to a high DA website that accepts guest posts and get a better backlink than anything those pieces of software can generate.  I used all of the major pieces of SEO software in the past, so I know what I'm talking about lol.  People are still using content spinner software as well, and this is even after Google has done plenty of algorithm updates that focus on spammy looking content. 

But my content is 90% unique or higher!
It doesn't matter, it still looks spun, and no one wants to read it.  Just write the content and do some additional work to get top rankings and traffic.

Quality Content Gets Quality Backlinks
It's pretty funny how easy it is to obtain quality backlinks by merely publishing great content to your website or blog.  There are other blog and website owners that are looking for quality content to link to, and they will search for it, so if you're ranked within the first three to five pages on Google, then you will likely get some free backlinks.

These backlinks aren't always DA 70+, but you'd be amazed how often they will be pretty good.  I've gotten emails from website owners saying they've shared my content on their website, with a link to the article, and they gave me a free backlink just because I took my time to write something well.  The backlinks help within my overall SEO gameplan, but I don't rely on them, and this is likely why I top the rankings for a lot of my targeted keywords SEO quality in 2019 needs to be higher than normal

You Can't Cut Corners
Cutting corners in 2019 is the quickest way to not rank your website.  Stop using software to automate important tasks like building backlinks or creating content because you're just damaging your pages.  Stop hiring the cheapest VA to do a job because they likely will do it wrong and you'll just have to spend money and then fix it yourself.  Stop thinking everything will get better if you aren't doing anything to fix it.

People are just getting lazier with every new year, and it shows because the ones who put in the time are the ones with small websites that turned into successful businesses.

Don't Be Seen As Spammy
If you're writing your content for blog posts, guest posts, or just commenting on something you found online, you will need to come off as an authority that isn't spammy.  It's tempting to just post a sentence and slap a link in there, but in 2019, you need to focus on generating helpful content and pleasing the readers. 

What I like to do is write up tutorials and informative articles on my pages.  After that, I will not search for places to share them but I when I randomly come across people asking for help, I will then write up a snippet of content and link to the page where they can read more.  If you do this, it will help people, and it will also help your rankings.  You won't look spammy at all and webmasters or bloggers tend to keep your link there since it's helpful.

If you're still doing spammy tactics and hoping to rank well, you are in for a rude awakening when you invest time and money into something that isn't going to work.

In the end, you need to run your website or blog as if it were a business.  Invest your time into the content and linking strategy to build the best website possible, and people will start linking to it.  If you are cutting corners to save a little bit of time, you need to stop that now, because it will only hurt you in the long run.  Focus on quality, not quantity, unless that quantity is high quality and you can churn it out effectively!

Thanks for reading SEO quality in 2019 needs to be higher than normal

Tommy Carey


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I think the PBN days are ending, when it comes to google ranking..

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