My service has been rejected twice and i don't know why

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My service has been rejected twice and i don't know why

This is my post. I don't understand why I got rejected twice

Hi, We have a website. It's a paid to click website and we have strong anti cheat protection, anti proxy and vpn protection so we don't have viral traffic but we have real traffic. 

We have 700 to 1000 unique views per day and the member will see the ad 100%

Our ads are 

Paid to click ads  700 to 1000 views per day. 

Login ads 

Paid to sign up ads (if you want that member sign up 100% )(if you have 100 paid to sign up credits you will get 100 sign up in your website)

Banner ad on footer 

Banner ad on header

Our traffic is related to make money online. If you need referrals or sale ebooks, or if you want to advertise another paid to click or get paid to website then we are the best option

We cannot guarantee sales because nobody can  guarantee sales but we can advise you to sale. 

If you want to make sale first your product must be good

Second , your traffic must be related,

Third, Your website must be good looking, banner must be google looking, logo must be good looking. 

Please never waste your money on advertising if your product is not good, if your website, banner, logo is not good because it doesn't worth it.


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It could be due to a variety of reasons ? The first could be that logo is not good enough or they sense that you work looks exactly like what some has done... you can do well to read their help section for further understanding on why your service may get rejected

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