Need Help About Event Blogging

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Need Help About Event Blogging

I create a Blog to do event blogging. I write almost ten articles including all the quotes related to that event. I'm in a confusion that same quotes are also available on many other websites. So is it copyright or not?
If I apply for Google Adsense can they approve my request or ask me that your content is copyright?
Need help from experts.

Here is the link of Blog: The Buzz Events


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Hello Hamzajaani,

If you manually type the quotes to your website, then not problems in Google AdSense. The website ranking is low because same contents are published other sites.

If you using copyrighted images, Google Adsense is not approved.

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how many followers about your blog?

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hello please someone tell me that how is my blog is it safe for Adsense or not?

and adds are placed in the right place or not?

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How you write, and what kind of editor you need, largely depend on who you are. I myself tend to get stuck, with stupid things like editing too much. A friend of mine created an editor where you can't edit. This can be ideal for first drafts, to get all the thoughts out. But might be a problem if you can't type without seeing what you write.
It's still really new, but I used it successfully when writing my first draft novel (for NaNoWriMo, know it's not like blogging) and quite some of my blog posts as well.

The best thing about it for me is that I get to shut all the unimportant stuff like styling and adding links out, untill I've finished writing what I want to say.

The little program is just in start of getting developed and is called devul, a play on /dev/null and devil.

blog editing

Other than that I'm quite satisfied with the editor within my blog engine of choice, Wordpress. And I always use html-editor

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