Getting banned by seoclerk

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Getting banned by seoclerk

Have any one of you out there been banned by seoclerk before or had knowledge about the reason for being banned?


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The ones that were really banhammered aren't much likely to answer this.

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They have the ban easy. I was banned for writing to 3 sellers offering cooperation. :-( Then i was explaining in my service description what i could do to add a llink and they considered it as a spam. Of course it is a stupid software which does that, but you have to write to them explaining the whole thing etc

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Multiple accounts, multiple infractions, falsely reviewing yourself, and various other reasons can get you banned.

This marketplace is just like the rest of them and if you're a good person trying to do good work then you'll stick around for a long time. If you're trying to take advantage of buyers, cutting corners, and trying to do something you think could get you banned well you're probably not going to stick around for long.

I see a lot of people complain about getting banned on open forums, then they say why they were banned, and the community makes fun of them because they clearly broke 203840 different rules and policies lol Getting banned by seoclerk

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