How did you do it, what was the result?

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How did you do it, what was the result?

My message is for the oldies here and the experienced newbies here too, how were you able to generate sales? Any tips and tricks for that? Myself and other newbies like me would like to know..


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Here's what I did.

Step 1: Set up and take time editing your services.
This takes longer than uploading an image, writing a short service description, and adding a price. You need to take your time and edit your service page so it's more of a pitch and shows results or examples of your work. You need to convince the potential buyer that you're the best possible option before they ever contact you.

Use high quality images, hire a content writer if you need to, and be sure your service looks amazing before you start pushing to get more sales.

Step 2: Sell for less than you're worth.
Yes, you'll need to sell for much cheaper than you normally would in order to get your initial wave of sales. This is what I did at first, I sold my content writing service for between $5 and $8 to get my first wave of sales. I did the work and sent it back in hopes of getting a positive review, which I did (we'll cover this later), and this was the foundation of my services being sold here on SEOclerks.

Step 3: Over Deliver Everything
It doesn't matter what you're doing, you need to over deliver on your work if you want to be successful as a freelancer. Over-delivering is easy no matter what you're doing. You can sell 1,000 backlinks and actually do 1,500 for the buyer or you can sell 500-word articles and send back a 1,500-word article to your customer who will be ecstatic.

The more often you're over-delivering on your work, the more often people will come back for more, and that just means your client list will grow gradually over time and consist of happy buyers How did you do it, what was the result?

Step 4: Deliver ahead of schedule
This usually works in more cases, except for month-long SEO services that shouldn't be rushed, so be sure you're not delivering ahead of schedule and hurting your client's website lol. Something like web design, graphic design, content writing, and various other tasks to help website owners will be able to be delivered ahead of schedule.

If you're doing the above steps as well as delivering ahead of schedule, you'll have a lot of happy buyers and positive reviews.

Step 5: Increasing Your Prices
This is where you start making more money! I told myself that I would sell 50 services and then boost my prices to what I know they are worth. This would get me a bunch of positive reviews, examples, and clients loving what I do.

You don't have to wait until you hit 50, you can actually increase it after you get 5, but the number is solely up to you. Just be sure you get enough positive reviews that will encourage others to buy from you because of what others said about their experience with your services.

Step 0 or 6: Advertising Your Services
You can start this in the beginning or after you have accumulated your reviews and boosted your pricing. I would suggest starting this before step 1 because it will help you get all those reviews quicker than gaining them over a few months naturally.

Advertising your service on the homepage will get you a load of sales right away, but it's expensive, and this is why I suggest you try out a category feature spot so you don't spend too much up front and you still get a decent amount of sales and reviews How did you do it, what was the result?

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