How to improve ranking?

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How to improve ranking?

I have a website that I'm working on and for months it still haven't been on Page 1 of Google. I did SEO data analysis to see what's wrong. I think I might be lacking something with regards to white hat strategy. What can I do to improve my ranking? Thanks to those who will help.


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Hello Rever. There can be many reasons why your page is not being ranked as high on Google as well as other search engines including backlink profile, targeted keywords as well as on page optimization. On the surface, I can only assume that you may be targeting highly competitive keywords and that your content is probably not optimized.

PM me your page and keywords that you have been targeting and I can take a look.

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Hello Rever... Getting on to the top of Google is not a one time job but need continuous efforts. Start with optimizing your content for long tail keywords. Creating quality content to engages the audience visiting your website and providing them with value and reason to come back to your site. Building quality and relevant backlinks around your niche meaning ( Backlinks from health blogs to your health website), writing guest posts etc. Keep rocking and you will do good.

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Digital marketing has come up with the Bunz of technologies and modules that we can employ them for improving ranking in Google. It often needs your interest in Search Engine Marketing includes On-Pages SEO and Off-Page SEO which covers most of the SEO practices. Do certain optimization to your website according to Google Guidelines hence a lot of Mobile Apps Development Companies in India employing the same technique to come top on the Search Engine Ranking Results. As not only On-Page SEO, Off-Page activities are must perform good ranking.

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