100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement

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100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement

If you challenge yourself to write 100 articles in 100 days, you will have a nice amount of content on your website a little after three months from now.  It seems like a difficult thing to do, but it's an obtainable goal, and I would suggest you try this one out if you own a website.  Think about it, the only bad thing that can happen if you have 100 new pages of great content on your website after 100 days that have the potential to bring in a decent amount of traffic.

Some of your articles may take 30 minutes while others could take a few hours.  You shouldn't set a specific amount of time an article should take to be written because you could likely lose quality within your writing.  You need to know what you're doing before just writing; you need to do all the research and structuring beforehand, so you don't run into any roadblocks while you're writing your masterpiece each day.

Keyword Research
Before you do any sort of writing, you'll need to do proper keyword research.  Since you're going to be writing 100 articles in 100 days, you'll need to find the top 100 keywords based on traffic or difficulty.  Now, you may want to target the low hanging fruit, the keywords that are getting between 500 and 1,500 searches per month, and this will usually bring in more traffic simply due to your articles naturally ranking by themselves over time.

Think about it, if you had 100 articles all ranking #1 for low hanging fruit type keywords with 500 searches a month, you'd be getting upwards of 50,000 new visitors to your website each month.  That breaks down to roughly 1,613 new people to your website every single day.  What could you do with that kind of free traffic?

Article Structure
Whenever I'm writing an article, just like this discussion, I'll map it out and put in the titles and subsections that I want to cover.  I will put in little notes to write on and even add links to where I can do a little bit of research if I'm not 100% sure about the section that is going into the article. 

Structuring your articles will allow you to write quicker than you would expect.  This is because you don't really have to think about the part of the article you're writing and you can quickly put down paragraphs. 

Attractive Titles
Your titles need to be attractive as well as optimized if you want to keep people reading.  Yes, having a nicely written article is a great thing, but you'll need to entice everyone by having attractive titles if you want to bring in as many people as possible.  Writing titles comes hand in hand when you're writing content, especially when you're writing content for your blog or website, so doing 100 of these is going to be within part of this goal.

It's not too difficult to write attractive titles, just focus on what you would want to read and think about the titles you're usually clicking through to.  Every niche is a little different, but a majority of the time, you can do the basics of adding a keyword into the title as well as some brackets and a number if possible.  The combination of these three things will usually get clicks, rank well, and keep people coming back.

Long Form
This is where your time will be spent the most since long-form content in my mind is 2,000+ words.  If you're writing 2,000+ word articles for 100 days, you'll have 200,000 words of content on your website that people want to read.  It may not seem like a lot, but those articles will likely rank well if they're unique and targeting easy keywords. 

There have been plenty of studies that show longer articles easily ranking for keywords where people have been doing SEO for a while.  They've been publishing short articles that were slightly optimized, and out of nowhere a 2,000+ word "how to" or some other form of content will rank on top and siphon all the traffic.  Focus on long-form content and avoid anything under 1,500 words.

Visually Appealing
You can optimize your content, write long form, and have attractive titles but none of that will matter if someone lands on your page and they see a wall of text.  You'll need to format and add pictures as well as quotes to the content you're writing if you want people to get to the bottom of your post.  Think about how often you've landed on a wall of text that people call an article and you've stuck around, not very often.  I know I've stuck around to read 2,000+ word articles that have breaks in the content that help me from getting burnt out. 

Use text formatting to bold a title, italicize a quote, or underlying something important and then move onto adding images as well as using different fonts if possible.  If you can do this for your 100 articles in 100 days, you will keep people on your pages for much longer than normal, and they may read a few of your posts.

Authentic and Unique
If you're doing this 100 in 100 goal, then you won't want to use any sort of spun content or use someone else's articles that have already been published.  Take the time and write your unique content, which will show you're authentic.  Put this goal into your daily routine and publish one great article that is of your thoughts, and you will keep your readers coming back time and time again. 

Having great content that is also unique on your website will boost your search engine traffic due to Google loving your website.  You will rank for the keywords you're targeting as well as the ones you didn't think about, which is a win-win in anyone's book 100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement

In the end, the 100 quality articles or blog posts in 100 days isn't an easy thing to do if it's done right.  Some of my articles take 2 or 3 hours to write, and that means I have less time to work on my other tasks throughout the day.  You'll need to see this as a long term goal, even after the 100 days, because the success of your content could take time to show even after 200 days have passed.  Stick with it, keep posting, and your content will be rewarding in due time 100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement




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Tommy, it's a pretty good idea, thanks for the great inputs as usual. I am going to achieve this number without sacrificing quality over quantity. Though, never did in past, but as you stated, initially it may seem difficult, so will try to keep myself positive through the process.

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Yeah, it seems like a daunting task when starting off but if you stick with it you'll look back and think "Hey, that wasn't so bad!" and your website, as well as your bank account, will thank you 100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement

You'll have a lot of fresh content that the search engines will love.
You'll likely start ranking for long-tailed keywords you didn't think of and get some traffic.
You might be making some more money from higher rankings and people now purchasing more.
You will have saved a bunch of money per post since you're doing it yourself 100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement

Think about it. If you were to pay a good writer, not even the best of the best, you'd be spending $15 to $25 per article and that would mean you're spending $1,500 to $2,500 a month just on content. Since you're doing it yourself you are now pocketing all of that money and you can use it on something else 100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement

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Article writing is a laborious process. It takes a lot of time and effort. After all, each article is based on a certain experience and knowledge.I once wrote articles too. This was when she studied at the university and wrote her master's thesis. I had a lot of material for articles.

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Writing a massive amount of articles, in this case, 100, it is definitely a large task but it can be completed over time. People might get burned out after doing 20 or 30 articles but that's the time you need to push yourself because you want to hit your 100 articles goal.

Think about it, that's 1 article a day and if you were to do 10 on Monday then you could take it easy the rest of the week. What I like to do is write up 10 and schedule them to go live throughout the week. This way I can focus on my content at the beginning of the week and it will look like I'm writing them throughout the week for my visitors and readers 100 in 100 days: Writing Articles That Attract Engagement

Writing 1 article a day isn't bad, but it can get out of control if you put it off, and this is why you need to stick with your tasks and even get ahead of your goal by doing more than the minimum required amount.

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