100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks

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100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks

Obtaining high quality backlinks isn't the easiest thing to do when it comes to SEO because you're reliant on 3rd parties that are willing to place a dofollow link for your website.  This means they will give you a positive review, add your link within the content they already have, or accept a guest post from you that contains a backlink.  Doing all of this isn't that difficult, but the rejection rates are sky high, so you'll need to be diligent and stick with it.

This 100 in 100 will cover a few ways you can gain a lot of high quality backlinks in just over three months.

100 in 100

Guest Posting
You've probably been aware of what guest posting is since it's one of the best ways to boost your authority and rankings within Google quicker than using any sort of software.  All you'll need to do for this is write up one guest post a day for a 3rd party website related to your website, and you will hit your 100 in 100 goal easily. 

The difficult part of this is that people are wary of linking to other websites that aren't already an authority.  This means you'll need to do a little convincing of why you should be allowed to submit content to them in exchange for a backlink here and there.  Yes, you won't get a backlink from every article you publish on these websites, but that's one of the reasons they will allow you to publish content on their pages. 

Focus on one backlink from every three or five blog posts you write for a website or blog.  If the website or blog allows you to get a backlink from every post, then go for it, but they might not bite if you ask for this.  Work them down do one backlink from each post you publish after you've done 20+ already.  They will see the quality of your content, and over time you'll have built a relationship with them good enough to get them to agree to one backlink from each post you publish 100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks

Buying Link Insertions
Another great way to get high authority backlinks quickly is to purchase a link insertion into a niche relevant article that is already live and indexed.  What you'll do is just pay the website owner a flat fee for them to place a dofollow backlink within an article they already have live, and that's it.  You can then help to get the page re-spidered to get your link seen, and your rankings will move slightly with each link placed.

This method does cost money, and sometimes it can be $200+ for just one backlink.  I like using this method for DA 70+ links, but I will also use it for DA 20+ if the website owner isn't trying to gouge me on the price lol.

Fixing 3rd Party Broken Pages
This is a method that not many people are doing simply because they don't know how to go about it.  Well, that's not the case for you!  You may be thinking, "How do I find broken pages of a website?  Do I just browse through the site and wait until I come across something that doesn't work????"  Well, you could do that, but it would take far too long to find anything lol.  Instead, go on Google and type in "Broken link checker," and you will come across a lot of free services that will run a report for you.  Some of these services will check the first 2,000 pages of a website, and that just means you don't have to sift through all of those pages yourself 100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks

You can open 10 or 15 of these broken link checkers and run them all at the same time, each for a different website you're targeting, and get the reports for 20,000+ pages back in a matter of minutes!  Do you think you could then find a few broken pages and bring it to the attention of the website owner?  Oh, and when you bring it to their attention you should be sure to have a nicely optimized article, with a backlink to your website, that they can use for that page, so they don't have to delete it and possibly lose some traffic and authority 100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks

Quick Notes

It's slow in the beginning
No one wants to work with a nobody, which is what you will be in everyone's mind, and that means you'll get rejected a lot.  You won't hear back from the majority of websites you contact, and the ones who do respond will just say no, so be ready for that.  The ones that do accept you on as a guest writer/poster or allow you to post a link on a dead page or insert your link in an article they already have are the people and websites who should be treated like kings.  They are allowing you to place a link on their sites to get content and boost your pages, so be nice to them and build a relationship.

This takes a decent amount of effort
Gaining 100 high quality backlinks like this in 100 days will take a substantial amount of effort but will pay off in the long run.  You will be doing research, finding broken pages, writing content, and building relationships with countless blogs and websites within your industry to achieve this goal.  In the end, it will pay off because these 100 backlinks can outweigh any work done by your competitors 100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks

You can finish quicker than 100 days
Setting your goals at 100 backlinks in 100 days is good, but you can do this is a shorter amount of time if it's all you focus on.  I can do this in 20 or 30 days if I'm diligent, but I like to take my time and not burn out, and that's why I set it at 100 days 100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks

In the end, these 100 backlinks can lay the foundation of your big authority website and catapult you upwards within the rankings.  You can come out of nowhere and scare your competitors, which is a good thing, so you should try to use the few methods above and get as many high quality backlinks as you possibly can to siphon as much traffic from the search engines as possible 100 in 100 days: Getting High Quality Backlinks




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I would like to get 100 links in 100 days. Even if half of these links are from really good quality then there is every chance that you will see great results at the end of 100 days for any kind of website.

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