How to get orders

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How to get orders

I have opened an account and created a service for the past one year but am not getting any orders,can you please help me out on what to do.


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Have you tried to advertise your service through a category feature? I do that with my writing services, which are more expensive than yours, and I seem to get a decent amount of orders coming through from month to month. I don't get rich off of this but it does open up a source of new traffic to my services for new customers to find me How to get orders I do have a lot of customers come back from these initial orders, which is why I say that the category feature is well worth it.

Actually, I shouldn't be telling you this since you're a competitor lol How to get orders But I'm not out to stifle anyone's sales, so go for it and hopefully your sales increase How to get orders

- Tommy

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I have not tried it yet but I is will try it out,thanks.

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Hi my dear friend one thing that I do is to always come back to this forum when I have a few minutes to spare in the day. Just answer a couple of topics in this forum (more if you wish) and you will be offered more free boosts this will keep you close to the top when people first check into see what services are available. This in itself will create more views for your services and hopefully more people offering you work
Kind Regards
Steve Simmonds

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