What is your pet project for 2019?

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What is your pet project for 2019?

Without giving away the specifics, what’s your pet projectfor 2019?

I have a website idea that I had put off for 3 years. In2019, I think I can squeeze in an hour or two every day to make that website
happen. The site revolves about fitness stuff. It’s super tough, I know, but I’m focusing on a very narrow niche, so I think I can pull it off.

So, what’s it going to be for you?


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I have no plans of putting a website or blog. I don't have enough knowledge and skills in terms of programming. However, I will see myself working online. I am beginning to like the idea of working at my time schedule. I am hoping to still find another legitimate site for work. I am also thinking of updating my accounts in social media because I see some brand company offering me some work. I am new to the idea but I am hoping that I can understand and go will with it. With you, I wish you success in your plans. Good luck!

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I am torn between affiliate marketing and blogging for this coming year to augment my present earnings from paid forum posting. Although I still enjoy providing contents for forums but I have to increase the earnings and affiliate marketing is the most potential followed by blogging. I couldn’t imagine doing both because it is time consuming and I don’t want to compromise my project for the lack of quality time.

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I will create several services for me to earn more this 2019. Also I will continue my online store, to double my online income.

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I have an idea that has been bugging me for years. I wanted to create a website where I can sell stuff, specifically e-books. I am torn right now between the odd of a regular job and a business plan. Hoping to start the gameplan this coming year.

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My pet projects for 2019 focus on trying to read at least one book a week or every other week for the next year. I'd like to be more informed on a range of topics. Also, I want to start learning how to cook Indian food, my boyfriend is from India and I'd like to be able to cook well enough that we don't have to eat out when we're both craving it.

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I'm currently writing an ebook about how to choose components and how to build a computer with those - but a specific niche to make it different from other ebooks on Amazon. I personally think interest in PCs will continue on as the world becomes more technologically-focused and advanced.

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I have my regular investment blog which I have to maintain, and my audience is not that big. I also have a YouTube channel with 6k audience, which I maintain daily. But I do intend to improve my overall blog on the website, because it has the most basic design.

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I have big plans for 2019. I am actually writing a book and planning to publish it. I have been writing ebooks for a long time as a hobby but I never had the courage to publish it. I am also considering making my Youtube channel. I already have a niche I want to focus on and I already started to make videos. I am currently making a website and I am still choosing what could be the design. I have a lot of things going on but I plan to do it. There is no right time of when to start. The best time is to start now.

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