What's the best hosting company for a beginner?

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What's the best hosting company for a beginner?

If you are looking at getting into online business and becoming a webmaster, what's would be the best hosting company to use and set up a new website?

There are so many hosting companies out there but there is going to be one that would best serve a beginner in the business. 


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I highly recommend Godaddy. Sure, in the past more senior webmasters used to hate Godaddy a lot, but I always been a fan of their hosting and domains services. They have a lot of experience in this domain and have been around for a long time.
Maybe they lack when it comes to direct support, but the essential documentation is there, if you are a beginner you will have everything you need to get started, there are plenty of support pages detailing everything you need to know and do.

The price of the hosting itself is also low, especially for their most starter packages.
So yeah, go for Godaddy. Another good alternative is Hostgator.

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Amen! What you said. I know there are other companies out there but GoDaddy has been out there for forever! If I were going to recommend a hosting company for a "beginner", it would be GoDaddy.

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I have to agree GoDaddy their hosting service is efficient and it's really value for money. It's quite affordable to start with GoDaddy's starter packages.

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I agree with you that Godaddy would be a good recommendation. They have been around for a long time which speaks to their stability. They also have great discounts which I see as a bonus.

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I am not well versed with hosting companies but I see Godaddy more often than other hosting providers. There was one time that I saw an advertisement on tv so I’d say Godaddy is surely a big company. Maybe you should have stated some figures like the lowest package that one could avail of because I am also looking around for a hosting service provider for my planned website next month.

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The biggest thing is to make sure you avoid any company owned by EIG. These include HostGator, BlueHost, ASmallOrange, and many other web hosts. NEVER hosts with them. They buy out thriving companies then gut the support teams.

I'm not a big fan of GoDaddy but they are not owned by EIG. Digital Ocean is a great hosting option, but a bit more advanced. A2 Hosting is probably the best option for those looking for a simple host with great support for those new to web hosting.

Some Other Non-EIG Hosts to consider

You also always have the option of going on WebHostingForum and hunting around for a smaller host as well

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I only ever use Hostinger so that is what I will recommend. Their package is complete with fair and competitive prices, and documentation and guides are present. They also have guides for the most common problems like transferring domains bought from other providers to your Hostinger account. You can also buy domains directly from there, and they also provide SSL purchases so you don't need to worry about security. They have built-in file uploader so you can upload multiple files readily without the need to use third-party applications. They also have a great support, quick responses based on my experience and friendly customer service representatives. So you won't go wrong using it as your first hosting company.

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The best hosting site is page because it helps a beginner or a person that want to host their website also its helps to monetize all the data that given by your client, which can help for a beginner website developer in order to know about building a website search some in google on what is the best website and study more about it.

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GoDaddy is the best in the business these days. They have massive discounts and their hosting services are also highly rated by most people. They have been in the business from a long time now and now they are spending a lot on marketing their services these days.

Their annual services are also worth trying and they offer some extra discounts on yearly plans.

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I suppose there aren't any free hosting sites? I'm not too versed when it comes to website hosting, but having a proper webpage doesn't look free. I've seen some sites that offer free web pages, but look limited to compared to an independent site.

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You can get some free hosted sites @dullian if that is what you want to do. Just type in free hosting on Google and you will get a number of options.I think that there is no particular site that is newbie friendly, all involve a learning curve. You can get information on Google also. As a newbie start with something cheap as you learn the ropes and upgrade your hosting plan when you know what you are doing.

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I have not used any web hosting since I don't have a website. But, my friends used Hostgator. It is cheaper compared to other hosting provider. It's fast and the performance is good. However, if Godaddy do offer better services. i will tell my friends to consider to try Godaddy. Thank you for sharing information. I'm glad to know it.

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I suppose GoDaddy is the most sought after web hosting nowadays. GoDaddy established a good reputation in this industry. They also have good package for a starter. I have seen a lot of GoDaddy advertisements nowadays and they seems impressive. You can check out other web hosting sites and make a comparison.

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I'm surprised how everyone same as me suggested a GoDaddy web hosting service. I also suggest BlueHost. But overall, I'm a web developer myself, and always used GoDaddy.

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I'll go for GoDaddy as a web hosting company. I've heard a lot about it from a web developer friend since I don't have a website of my own. Sure there are plenty of web hosting sites but from my own survey it seems that there are numerous complaints from clients.

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Reddit has a list here where you can look at some of the best web hosting companies:

I'm sure you could find a suitable company for you there.

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I am using hawkhost since last 4 years. And the performance of the hosting website is really good. They have cheap plans but they have solid speed for the sharedhost. And they support nodejs and few other languages as well. I am hosting wordpress website there. And the downtime is very less. Compared to hostgator and bluehost, the hawkhost seems to be better.

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There you go, Godaddy. Although I've read somewhere that bluehost is also good. I'm just not sure because I haven't tried any of those sites before. I did try wix, it was pretty much basic and easy to use. Are you looking for free hosting or paid hosting? Anyway here's a list.

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I found that most hosting companies offer similar services and they all have a wide variety of learning materials that teach you how their services work.
For shared hosting, I've used both GoDaddy and Hostgator in the last year and was pretty happy with how their services worked. Never had any problems setting up the account and the hosting service itself is generally reliable.

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If you are building something for long term success I suggest learning the basics about server management and using AWS, Digital Ocean, Or Cloudways which can help you manage the server side of things while you work on building the website using a content management system like Wordpress or Laravel etc. Hosting is really the key to success and almost all shared hosting services are terrible. There is nothing you can do about slow servers, or hacked servers. The risk is too high if you are serious about building a real website long term. If you just want to play around as a hobby Siteground was fair and affordable and didn't constantly try to upsell me or take advantage of being a noob way back when. Most all shared hosting is owned by the same company and that is why they are all so bad. This guy posted a thorough article about the difficulties with most shared hosts and provides a solid list of companies to avoid.

Best of luck.

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10 Hosting Web Terbaik di Dunia

1. Tuan Rumah Saja

2. Pergi Ayah

3. iPage

4. Arvixe

5. Midphase

6. HostGator

7. AN Hosting

8. Solusi Jaringan

9. Globat

10. WestHost

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And which region specifically interests you? If there is no reference to a specific geography, then almost anyone will do. You can choose your own according to the parameters you need here . Answer a couple of simple questions and show you the results that are suitable for you.

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There could be more hostings as well but we love to use Cloudways Hosting which you can check its source here because it's the fastest hosting ever.

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Godaddy is so much expensive. I'm using

also they are offering free web hosting with the the purchase of any domain name

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