Tiered backlinks building in 5 minutes

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Tiered backlinks building in 5 minutes

Benefits of using Tiered backlinks


If someone asks me about what are tired backlinks,I will start by saying “Tiered backlinks are one of most efficient ways to rank on
Google these days.”

Yes.That’s exactly what it is.


Let’s explore.


1.Builds protective layer around upper tier –


So the basic strategy to make backlinks for your website isto point most powerful and relevant backlinks towards your website.

You keep on doing it but you not always get relevant backlinks for your website.

In this case, what you can do is you may point less relevant backlinks to your powerful and relevant backlinks.

This way you protect a layer around your tier 1 backlinks which will A. Pass link juice to your tier 1 backlinks and then to your website
and B.In case if any backlink is not a white hat backlink in eyes of Google’s algorithm,
well you just loose a backlink instead of your whole website.


2. Can take more risk on tier 2,3 and so on


Ok, here is the deal.

No one totally depends on just white hat backlinks.

That’s the truth of even most of authority websites.

They try grey hat backlinks as well.

But what they are doing different from others is that they are not trying these on tier 1.

You can try grey hat SEO on tier 2 or tier 3 and see if it works or not.This way you may understand more about SEO and what works and what

And the best part is your website is always secure.



3. Drives traffic to your website


Well this is the most under rated aspect of tiered backlink building but it is useful.

When you create a chain of good content, it finally ends up in landing a quality user or buyer or reader on your website.

Plus, when you create so many sources vs just one tier of backlinks, it’s obvious you will gather traffic from lots of places as well.


What links you should try on tier 2 and 3


Well there are many types of links you can actually try.

Social bookmarking links, PDF sharing sites, web 2.0 and many more.

But most of the times these links are just fresh links created to just make a links.

They don’t contain much of authority and they take too much time or sometimes they don’t even index and work.

But there are new kind of links called Sape links which work faster and holds a lot of authority to them.

Sape is a huge network of website owners who rent links on their established websites. Sape links are usually put in sidebar, main body of website.

These links are high Domain Authority and High Trust links and works best on tier 1, 2 and so on.



Final thoughts

Tiered backlink building is a great way to build your links.This strategy is more safe, secure
yet powerful.


Let me know in comments what do you think.




Team Aakriti SEO


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I have heard about backlinks ever since I started with online work. Learning about Tiered Backlinks is news to me, But it's good news. Thanks for this.

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Good to know that.Your welcome sir. Tiered backlinks building in 5 minutes

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