How to earn from Facebook?

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How to earn from Facebook?

How do you earn money from Facebook? What techniques do you use?


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By using promoting policy u can earn more momey because in the mordern age social networking like as faebook has created more opportunity by using  facebook...
so sharing & promoting to earn....

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Create Fanpages of your product, get more fans to your page.. will get more conversions

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By promoting your page with engaging material and providing links to whatever you want it to sell it.

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What I see in Facebook are my friends who are engaged in drop shipping. It is like brokering for products of an online store. They get a supplier that is willing to give them commission for every sale they make. And they market those products in Facebook particularly on their timeline. When they get an order, it is forwarded to the supplier that takes care of the delivery. The drop shipper earns a commission after that.

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Here are 3 ways to earn from Facebook that I'm doing right now:

1.Sell Something - You can post in your own profile products and or services that your selling. You can also post it to relevant groups for more visibility. Chances are you'll have your first sale in a day or two.

2.Sponsorship - Create a page or group and build your members up. Having thousands up to tens of thousands of members would let you pitch for Sponsors. Just yesterday I bagged a sponsorship deal from a Party Needs and Hosting site which specializes in Mime and Magicians. I'll be promoting the site in my Facebook group and in return they agreed to finance my monthly raffle prizes for my group members.

3.Get Invited to Events - As a Blogger you would get invites to special events for you to cover. You can also do your pitch so that you can be invited. This means being invited to Business Openings, Anniversaries, Launchings, Expos, Media Press cons etc. In this events Bloggers are given gifts and or paid.

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