How to survive in a niche full of industry giants

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How to survive in a niche full of industry giants

It doesn't really matter what niche you choose, there will be giants within it who are taking the majority of the traffic, but you can compete with them if you just put in the time and effort.  You need to build credibility and authority before you can become trusted within your industry, just like the giants already have, and we all know that takes time.  You need to be patient when taking on the giants of your industry because this isn't some overnight type of battle you're engaging in, it could take months or years, and if this isn't something you want to invest your time into then you might not want to start.

If you've made it this far in the discussion then you're dedicated to your website and niche enough to take a stab at the giants and try to take over your industry.  In this discussion, I'll be going over a few things you need to focus on when you're trying to become a giant in your niche and dominate the other companies within it.

Provide quality services and products all of the time
When it comes to building credibility, you need to always provide the absolute best services as well as products, if you're not doing this then you'll never be the best.  To be the best you need to beat the best, I'm sure you've heard that before, but it's true and you can beat them by providing better support, services, products, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Be sure to respond almost immediately
It doesn't matter if you're a one-man show or you have a team of people, if you're not responding as quickly as you can, you're going to notice your authority isn't going to be as good as the giants in your industry.  It's not difficult to respond quickly, you can just get a push notification to your phone that lets you know if you have a new chat opened up or a new ticket was created. 

The best companies in the world are the ones who respond as quickly as possible to keep people on their websites.  They keep these people happy with quick responses that usually fix something that is broken or help them make a decision they've been worried about.  The faster you respond, the better off you will be against the Giants and the more customers that will stick around with your company because they know you're good at what you do How to survive in a niche full of industry giants

Your design, systems, and overall setup needs to be high quality
You can't compete with the industry leaders with a free WordPress template and a logo that looks like it was made in MS paint.  You need to be seen as a high-quality company, and to do that you need a good looking design as well as a great looking logo, if you can do that you've already won them over on their first visit.

If you are sending out newsletters, your setup needs to be perfect in order to bring as many people back to your pages with each send.  If you're sending out 10 emails a week you're going to get a lot of unsubscribes, so you need to pull back the reigns a bit and send 1 or 2 a week. 

It doesn't matter what you're doing, you need to think "Is this the best I can do?" and if it's not, you need to get back to work and make it the best so you can be a competitor among giants How to survive in a niche full of industry giants

You need to prove you're an authority before people land on your website
When it comes to marketing you need to show people you're the best in the industry before they ever click through to your website.  This means in your ads, your articles on 3rd party platforms, and anything else that relates to you and isn't on your own website needs to portray you as the absolute best ever.

If people see you as a giant before they land on your website they will be convinced you are when they actually get there and see all the amazing things you have in store for them.  You could have cheap products that are amazing, you could have the best services possible for an affordable rate, or you could just be the best at answering questions quickly in order to please them and boost your conversions How to survive in a niche full of industry giants

Understand it's a long journey but it can be a successful one
If you're getting into business and think you're going to be a giant in a short amount of time, you're delirious.  It takes years to become a giant and even longer to withhold that title because everyone will be trying to take over your rankings.  Just like when you were trying to be a giant, there are others doing the same thing, and that means your job is never done.  In fact, when you do become a giant it actually becomes more difficult because you're more mainstream now and people might want to work with the smaller companies around the world within your industry.  You need to keep your prices competitive, never slack on customer support, and always focus on bringing people back to your website.

In conclusion
Competing with giants isn't an easy thing because they're trying to stay on top as well.  They will fight you every step of the way, making it more difficult for you to sit on the winners thrown, so be ready for a fight.  If you're responding immediately to customer inquiries, have the best design you possibly can, have some amazing products and services then you'll be ready for the fight of your lifetime How to survive in a niche full of industry giants  Get to work, become a giant among giants, and keep every one of your competitors worried about your next move lol How to survive in a niche full of industry giants

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Tommy Carey


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Hi Tommy Carey,
I agree with you but at the same time it's hard for beginners to compete with the already established sellers, even its becoming hard for new sellers to get their first orders, i remember i waited and struggled for 4 months to get my first order.
The new sellers should join the niches with low competition and high requirements such as this. This will help you get some quick orders and will help you sustain in the growing competition.

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