Brand yourself in an industry you love and be more profitable

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Brand yourself in an industry you love and be more profitable

When you set up a website you're usually trying to make money, and if you aren't now you will be later, so get to branding yourself within the industry you love and you will be more successful later on down the road.  It doesn't matter what industry you're in, there are usually leaders that pull in the majority of sales solely because of their branding, and you can be a competitor of theirs if you just start branding yourself today.

There are many ways to brand yourself online, but I'm only going to go over the ways that are sure-fire to get you noticed and seen as an authority.  These ways are in the form of using your real name, producing massive amounts of content, giving away free advice or consulting, and writing honest reviews of services and products within your industry.

Buy a domain that is only your name
If you can buy a domain that uses your actual name, you're not only protecting your image from others using it but you can use it yourself and become the face of your industry.  Think about the SEO and Online Marketing industry, there are plenty of faces out there that are instantly noticeable and they all started by using their own names within the domain name and pushing it as a person and not a website.

If you can brand your website as an image of yourself, and not a bunch of pages dedicated to your industry, you will notice a lot of people starting to gravitate towards you instead of your competitors who are just doing sales pitches whenever they can lol Brand yourself in an industry you love and be more profitable

Blog constantly about your industry
If you don't have time to write up content for free, you don't have time to be successful, so get to writing or hire a content writer or blogger to do the work for you.  If you want to be seen as the sole person publishing the content, you need to hire a content writer who sends you custom articles to your email and you publish them as if they were written by you.  If you don't want to take that extra step of publishing the content yourself, you can bring on a blogger who will need to sign a contract saying they'll publish content under your name while taking no credit for it and getting paid for each post they produce.  You'll have to limit the number of posts they can make unless you're rich because they will churn out content left and right if you don't limit them Brand yourself in an industry you love and be more profitable  Focus on 1 or 2 quality posts a day and pay the writer $25+ per post.  If you can't afford that, write the content yourself.

Offer free advice in the form of comments and consulting
When people land on your website to read all of the high-quality content you've written, they will likely have questions, and this is where you need to jump into action and respond as soon as possible.  The longer the questions and comments go unanswered, the less credibility you're gaining.  If you're going to be the face of your industry, you need to be online and talking with your people all of the time, so there's no excuse to leave a comment or question unanswered for more than 12 hours.

You can also offer some free consulting, just be sure you're capturing those emails to send everyone a newsletter Brand yourself in an industry you love and be more profitable  It's a small price to pay for free consulting, they just have to give away something they got for free, and they can always unsubscribe later on if they want to stop getting free advice.

Give honest reviews of services and products
If all of your reviews are A+ or 5 stars, people will begin to see you as a "Yes" man, and that's not something you want.  You need to be the industry leader and tell people the truth about a service or product, and that means you will likely have to burn something to the ground within your reviews from time to time in order to keep the community safe.  The more honest reviews you publish, the more respect you will get from the industry, and your community will notice then start to come to your website when they have a question.

In conclusion
If you can do all of the above for 3 months, 6 months, or even a year then you will notice your authority within your industry is starting to gain some weight.  The amount of authority you're gaining will depend on your niche, the more difficult it is the longer it will take, so you need to be patient and keep posting amazing content while helping others and answering any questions you possibly can as well as give honest reviews.

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