5 ways to help boost your sales using social media

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5 ways to help boost your sales using social media

We all know that you can use PPC campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook to boost your sales, but did you know you can do much more with all of your other profiles on different platforms?  Social media marketing doesn't mean you need to focus on just one little thing, your posts, in order to build up your clientele list and profits. 

Boosting your sales through social media marketing isn't the easiest thing to do, mainly because it takes time to gain authority, but it's definitely worth the time investment because you could essentially double or even triple your current profits with just one big platform 5 ways to help boost your sales using social media

In this discussion, I'll be going over 5 ways to help boost your sales using social media platforms, and those 5 ways are:

Use the same name on all your social profiles
When you're setting up your social media profiles you need to make sure all of your names match.  You can use spacing if you want, but that's the only difference that should be used across your network of profiles because it's the only thing naturally accepted.

If you're adding in different words, using .com on one but not the other, and essentially making your username look different on every platform you'll be losing reputation and credibility.  Big corporations don't do Coca-Cola on one platform and then on another because it looks like 2 different owners, even though we know it's not because they're a massive corporation, but it will for you since you're not a billionaire 5 ways to help boost your sales using social media

Post real reviews or content from customers
If you're getting actual reviews from customers on 3rd party platforms, you should always use those to your advantage.  Post them as images and link to them with a nofollow backlink in order for people to see what others are actually saying about you.  If you're just copying and pasting legitimate reviews to your website from a customer, it won't look genuine, because anyone can write up falsified reviews on their pages.

Know what platforms your audience is more active on and target them
Not everyone will be on the platform you want to target, which means you need to know where your target audience likes to hang out, then target them there in order to bring them in easier.  You may be running ads on Facebook but targeting teenagers who like Instagram or other platforms much more.  This means you're just going to lose money, not have the conversions you were hoping for, and have a failed campaign.

By knowing where they hang out in the digital world you will be able to increase your ROI and convert more people for less money 5 ways to help boost your sales using social media

Speak to your audience the way they speak
If you're an adult who is targeting Millenials, you may not want to type your ads or posts in a way that you like, because it may not resonate well with your target audience.  Instead, write in a way they are already talking to each other and you will see a better engagement with each post. 

If you don't know how to write to your target audience, bring on someone who is in that audience and pay them to write your content or ads, this way you're sure the ads will resonate well 5 ways to help boost your sales using social media

Always link to the products you're trying to sell
If you're posting 10 times a week to social media, and 5 of those posts are to products or services, then those 5 posts need to always have links to what you're selling.  If you're hyping up what you're trying to sell, but not linking to it, what's the point of even talking about it on social media?

In conclusion
Social media can bring in a lot of traffic as well as sales, so if you use it the right way you can actually double or even triple your profits in a short amount of time.  If you know where your audience hangs out, how to talk to them, and know when to drop a link in your posts then you will have a much better engagement with each post you make live 5 ways to help boost your sales using social media

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