Delivering great customer service isn't easy at first, but you'll learn

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Delivering great customer service isn't easy at first, but you'll learn

You may be just starting out with a website and your customer service is lacking or you're a seasoned veteran and you're waiting 24 hours before you respond to a ticket or email.  Well, I can tell you that delivering responses in just an hour will greatly improve your websites response.  This response isn't just people emailing you back or responding to a ticket, it's the response of a customer making a purchase or sharing your website for others to come in and check out.

You'll learn over time what to do when responding to a customer, you'll learn that you can't get angry, you need to always take the high road, and you always need to listen no matter what.  below are a few things that should help you out when thinking about your customer service and your visitors' experiences Delivering great customer service isn

Make sure to listen to the potential customers
So many times people will see a ticket or email and just open up their canned responses and click "Send".  Now, if you're doing this do you really think you're listening to your potential customers?  You can definitely use canned responses, but you need to edit them to a point where you're actually answering each person thoroughly enough for them to make a purchasing decision.

Turning that visitor into a customer is as easy as just typing up a custom response to their email or ticket submission.  You'd be surprised how often people will appreciate a custom response that comes in quickly Delivering great customer service isn

Be as prompt as possible to keep them happy and attentive
If your response times are 24 hours or longer, you're just leaving your potential customers out there on the internet to look around for your competitors who will respond in minutes.  You MUST respond in the shortest amount of time, no longer than an hour, if you want to retain as many customers as possible.

Now, if you already have the customer, you likely don't need to respond right away since they already chose you, but you still need to respond within a few hours.  Quick response times create happy customers and they will stick with you solely for your quick responses even if you cost a little more.

Always follow through with your customers or visitors
You can't give simple little one sentence responses when someone asks you a question, you need to type out a detailed response and give them additional information they might need to make a decision.  The more information you type out for these people, the more likely they will stick around and pay you for various things, and that's always a great thing when it comes to business Delivering great customer service isn

Take a moment before responding
You'll always have an angry client or someone who just wants to argue with you if you're selling something online.  You can't avoid this, but you can put out the flames with your words if you simply take a moment and think of your response without adding in your own emotions.  Stay positive, don't drop down to their levels even if they're talking down to you, and explain the situation to the person.  If you're not in the wrong, you won't have a problem with the outcome, but if you honestly screwed something up you should fess up and give them something in exchange for their troubles.  Yes, give them something for your screw up and it will likely resolve the situation.  I do this will any SEO client I have that is angry about their rankings, I'll usually give them some additional articles or backlinks that they don't have to pay for and I'll tell them the benefits of the free work we're going to do for them Delivering great customer service isn

In conclusion
It doesn't matter if you're just starting off or if you have hundreds of website up and running, you will need top-notch customer support if you plan on being successful.  You need to respond quickly, be thorough, always follow through with your visitors, and take a moment before you respond to an angry visitor or client.  If you can do all of this each and every day, you'll see people gravitating towards you more than they are your competitors, and this will definitely boost your sales Delivering great customer service isn

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ok. thanks so much for the post. i will take steps on that and i hope i come out successfully. because my aim is a $1000 per month. but i'm getting less than $20 in over 2 months

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